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Western Express Coach Online Booking Contacts

Western Express Coach
Western Express Coach

Western Express Coach Is a Nairobi based bus company which provide daily Public Passenger transportation from the capital and Business city to the Western regions of the country.

It is one among the well known Bus company in Kenya with a well recognized brand among travelers for the Day and Night travel to Kisumu, Kakamega, Nambale and many more regions.

The company has been in the Transport Industry for several years helping Businessmen and regular travelers to connect their motherland and business towns with the capital city Nairobi.

Western Express Coach Fleet Line

The company own and operates a good number of modern fleet, They do have Scania and Isuzu coaches in their list and all of them fabricated in Kenya with different body makers.

Their buses are well designed in a comfortable styles to give a travelers what they do desire from this company. In short they are costumer oriented company.

Passenger has a wide choice of buses in their fleet list depending on the route and what they have paid for their particular trip either from the capital city of from the up country regions.

Below are some of the features and services which are available on Western Express Coach buses:

2 By 2 & 1 By 1 By 1 Seating Configurations
Enough Legrooms For Comfortable Travel
Arm Rest On Every Reclining Seat
Multiple Television For Entertainment Purpose
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening
Free WiFi Services On Some Buses For Internet Access
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Air Conditioning Services On Some Of Their Buses
Charging Port For Smartphones & Laptops

The Company Service Line

Western Express Coach provide daily Public Passenger transportation services from the Capital city of Kenya to the Western Regions Of the country as the name suggest.

They do have Morning, Afternoon and night departure from Nairobi city and the Western regions as well. You can make a Booking of your Tickets at their offices located in every bus station & stops.

You can also make Online Booking by visiting their Booking Portal on the Link shown below this post, You can get assistance by calling their customer support number shown below this post.

Western Express Coach also transit Parcels from Nairobi city to all destinations and vice versa at a Fairly prices to all people in the country.

Western Express Bus Routes In Kenya

👉 Nairobi – Kisumu — Kakamega – Mumias – Nambale
👉 Nairobi – Kisumu – Luanda – Khwisero
👉 Nairobi – Kisumu – Chavakali – Musingu – Butere
👉 Nairobi – Kisumu – Kakamega – Ogalo – Butula
👉 Nambale – Mumias – Kakamega – Kisumu – Nairobi
👉 Butere – Musingu – Kisumu – Nairobi
👉 Khwisero – Luanda – Kisumu – Nairobi
👉 Butula – Ogalo – Kakamega – Kisumu – Nairobi.

Western Express Coach Office Contacts For Enquiry

Nairobi – Kenya

River Road,
+254 700 000 000

Mon to Fri 8am to 6 pm




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