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Mololine Shuttle Nairobi To Nakuru Booking Contacts

Mololine Shuttle

Mololine Shuttle Is the most reputable shuttle company which runs services from Nakuru to other towns in Kenya, leaving when full from opposite the old Odeon cinema.

There are 10 seats, usually with belts, and drivers tend to stick to the speed limit. This prestige shuttle service goes to Nairobi, Eldoret and Kisumu.

Kariuki is the chairperson of the MoloLine services, which was formed in 1994 with a vision of bringing order in the industry. MoloLine started services in Nakuru main bus terminal in 1995.

Mololine Shuttle first aim was to transform the attitude of commuters and other stakeholders.

So in 2004, MoloLine rolled out its prestige shuttle. To avoid competition from 14-seaters as witnessed earlier, they set up offices at highway towers along Nakuru-Nairobi highway in Nakuru town away from the bus park.

Mololine Shuttle Company Fleet Line

They have two categories of matatus, one which is supposed to carry 16 or 18 passengers but has been designed to carry 12 passengers while the second category which is supposed to carry 14 passengers been designed to carry 10 passengers.

The spacious shuttles come with features such as air conditioners, flat screens, expanded speakers and free Wi-Fi.

Mololine Shuttle luxury shuttle vehicles have spacious comfortable seats because the number of seats has been reduced compared to the normal matatus.

Furthermore, as a way of ensuring that every passenger is comfortable, a socket from which one can charge a mobile phone or laptop has been provided per seat as well as a switch which a passenger can press to alert the driver after reaching the desired destination.

The Company Service Line

Mololine shuttle company provide daily transportation services within the Kenyan territory at an affordable prices to all travelers.

They do transport both Passengers and Parcels to various destinations in the country. Those include  Naivasha, Eldoret, Kericho, Nakuru, Eldama ravine, Kabarnet, Kisumu, Kitale and Nairobi.

You can go for Booking at their offices located at all Bus terminals and stops on their routes. You can also Book Online by calling them on the numbers listed below this post.

Mololine Shuttle Office Contacts For Enquiry

Address: P. O. Box 34700, Nairobi,
Phone: +254 722 735607

Town : Nakuru Town
Landline Numbers : +254 208 333 9296
Mobile Numbers : +254 722 761 512 / 711 341 093/ +254-051-2215529

Mololine Shuttle
Physical Address: Bus Stage, Jomo Kenyatta Hwy
Address: P.O.Box: 13668 – 20100 Nakuru
Mobile: (+254) 0733 778935
Mobile phone


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