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Hodan Bus Nairobi Online Booking Contacts, Fare

Hodan Bus Emirata
Hodan Bus Emirata

Hodan Bus Is a Kenyan Premium Passenger Transportation Company which operates from the Capital and Business city of Kenya, Nairobi to Western counties and Mombasa as well.

It is one of the bus companies that provide reliable and best Passenger Transportation services to the Western parties of the countries and to the Coast region.

According to their own slogan “We are transport and Logistics Company dealing in passenger transport and parcel services. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ transport and logistics needs in and beyond Kenya”.

Hodan Bus Kenya Fleet Line

The company owns and operates modern and latest bus models, Most of them being Scania with a locally fabricated bodies by Master Fabricators limited.

They have a good number of Fleet in their list ranging on a Semi Luxury class with a lot of on board services and entertainment. Their buses are operated by well talented staffs.

Their Drivers are well trained with a certificates from recognized Institutions and their Buses undergo regular maintenance to keep them fresh for any scheduled trips.

Hodan Bus Company features the following Amenities as well as on board services:
2 By 2 & 1 By 1 By 1 Reclining Seats
Arm Rest On Every Seats & Enough Legroom
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening
Air Conditioning Services On Some Of Their Buses
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Free On Board WiFi Services
USB Charging System On Every Seat

The Company Service Line

Hodan Bus provide daily Passenger transportation services from the Capital and Business city of Nairobi to the Western parties of Kenya as well as the Coast region ( Mombasa City).

Their services are reliable with a well scheduled trip in all terminals, Passengers has a choice at what time can book and leave to their planned destinations.

The company also transit Parcels from Nairobi city to all destination of their routes at an affordable prices depending on the nature and size of respective Parcel.

Hodan Bus Tickets Booking can be done at their offices located in each bus terminal as well as their own offices outside the terminals.

You can also make online Booking by calling their Customer Services Numbers listed below where they can reserve a seats for you and your fellow friends.

You can make a Booking on the date of traveling at their offices or You can make Booking in advance to travel on the future planned date.

Hodan Bus Routes And Average Fares (Ksh)

Nairobi To Mumias 1500
Nairobi To Kisumu 1500
Nairobi To Busia 1500
Mombasa To Mumias via Kapsabet & Kakamega 2800
Nairobi To Mombasa 1800
Nairobi To Bondo &Siaya 1500

The Company Office Contacts For Enquiry

Address: Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 778 540084

Other Lines: +255 748 857351 & +255 719 191912


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