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UTS Transport Bus Abidjan Korhogo Contact, Prix & Horaire

UTS Transport Ivory Coast
UTS Transport Ivory Coast

UTS Transport is the safe company you need for your travels in total and secure comfort within the West African countries especially Côte d’Ivoire where the company originates.

The company and its partners are fully at your service and work every day without exception just for your convenience.with even more novelties.

U.T.S company organizes morning and afternoon departures and those throughout the span of the Ivory Coast national territory and also in the sub-regions like Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo, Senegal, Benin and Sera Leone.

UTS Transport Company Fleet Line

The company Fleet list features a big number of vehicles for every day duties within the country and out of the country boarders. All of these vehicles are newly imported.

Most of their buses are imported from the Asian countries especially China where they imported a Chinese Yutong, Zhonghtong and other brands from different fabricators.

Their buses are designed with a good and comfortable interior Amenities to give a travelers a stylish trip. Below are some of the Amenities:

2 By 3 And 2 By 2 Reclining Seats, Audio Visual For Entertainment, Overhead Luggage Compartment And Reading Lights, AC With Individual Control Panel and many more.

UTS Transport Company Service Line

With their Premium Insurance covered Buses, The company offer daily long distance travel with the territory of Ivory Coast as well as to the neighboring countries.

They do transfer both Passengers and Parcels at an affordable prices to every one, Parcel charges depend on the nature and size of respective Parcel.

You can Pre-book or make on time booking at their offices located in all bus terminals and stops or You can make online booking by calling their Customer Care unity on those numbers listed below.

UTS Transport Local & Cross Border Bus Routes

Abidjan To Madinani
Abidjan To Bouaké
Abidjan To Korhogo
Abidjan To Boundiali
Abidjan To Tengrela
Abidjan To Odienné
Abidjan To Minignan
Abidjan To Niakara
Abidjan To Katiola
Abidjan To Tafiré
Abidjan To Ferké
Abidjan To Ouangolo
Abidjan To Diawala
Abidjan To Niellé
Abidjan To Nabingué
Abidjan To Fronan
Abidjan To Toumodi
Abidjan To Bamako
Abidjan To Lome
Abidjan To Niger
Abidjan To Dakar
Abidjan To Benin City
Abidjan To Ouagadougou
Abidjan To Freetown

UTS Transport Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Company Headquarter
Address: 9X6C+896, H 28, Abidjan,
Côte d’Ivoire

Phone Number: +225 77 60 15 70

Email: tiemokodiabagate03@gmail.com

For Booking, Please Call:
01 00 15 44, 20 37 40 48, 52 10 33 40

52 10 33 34, 36 85 37 28, 03 00 88 79

Pogo: 02 92 24 28


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