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SBTA Transport Abidjan San Pedro Contact, Tarif & Horaire

SBTA Transport Ivory Coast

SBTA Transport also known as SOCIETE BONKOUNGOU TRANSPORT DE L’ AGNEBY was established in November 1999 by the late Palogoweogo BONKOUNGOU.

The company was launched into public transport with the Attiguei – Agboville line; then the Agboville – Abidjan line before expanding to other major line in Côte d’Ivoire and neighboring countries.

S.B.T.A begins its expansion first by creating the lines of Divo, Gagnoa, Oumé then San-Pedro. On March 5, 2017, The company experienced a decisive turning point in its history, Palogoweogo BONKOUNGOU, the father died of an illness.

After the death of the founding father of S.B.T.A, one of the sons, Moussa BONKOUNGOU is appointed to preside over the destiny of the company.

SBTA Transport Company Fleet Line

With a Fleet of more than 40 vehicles in their list, The company own and operates a variety of bus brands like Chinese Yutong, Golden Dragon, Higer and other major brands.

Their buses are newly imported with a custom interior design and all of them has premium Insurance cover to protect the company and their customers (Passengers).

Their buses use latest technology with modern facilities, And the following are some of the Amenities which available on their buses and coaches:

Their Coaches Available In 60, 45, 35 & 25 Seaters
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Arm Rest For A Comfortable Travel
Audio Visual For Entertainment
Air Conditioner Service All The Way Long
USB Charging System On Every Seat
Free WiFi Services For Internet Access
Free On Board Drinks & Snacks
Overhead Reading Lights & Luggage Compartment

SBTA Transport Company Service Line

When you travel on the Ivorian roads, you appreciate the comfort and safety of the latest generation coaches. Let yourself be transported without the slightest fatigue and abandon yourself to contemplation.

Traveling has been easier with this company because we accompany you from the first to the last step. They do take you to your desired destination within Ivory Coast & West African countries.

They do also also transit Parcels to all destination on their routes with an affordable prices. Security of your Parcels belong to them, Worry Out.

You can make a Booking of your Tickets at their offices or by giving a Call to their Customer Care Unity as well as Agencies on Contact Numbers listed below this post.

SBTA Transport Company Bus Routes & Timetable

7:30 A.m.
Koumassi To (Divo Gagnoa Soubre San-pedro Oumé Issia)

6:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Meaguy

7:30 A.m.
Abidjan To Diegonefla

7:30 A.m.
Abidjan To Ssia

7:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Gagnoa

8:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Vavoua

6:00 A.m.
Abidjan To San Pedro

6:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Soubre

7:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Divo

5:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Agboville

8:00 A.m.
Abidjan To Daloa

7:30 A.m.
Abidjan To Oume

The Company Average Prices In CFA franc
Abidjan (Adjame) To,,,,,,

Divo 2500
Gagnoa 3500
San Pedro 6600
Soubre 5000
issia 5000
Oume 3000
daloa 6100
vavua 7100
dienefla 3000
Meaguy 6100

Abidjan (Yopougon) To,,,,,

Divo 2500
Gagnoa 3500
San Pedro 6600
Soubre 5000
issia 5000
Oume 3000
Meaguy 6100

Abidjan (Kumassi) To ,,,,,

Divo 2500
Gagnoa 3500
San Pedro 6600
Soubre 5000
issia 5000
Oume 3000

Agboville To ,,,,,

Abidjan 1200
Gagnoa 3500


Abidjan To Bobo Dioulasso 20000
Abidjan To Ouaga 25000

SBTA Transport Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Head Office
Phone: +225 05 76 20 77 77
Phone: +225 07 07 67 34 54
Mail: sbtatransport@gmail.com

Agboville 0707591917
Adjame (Agboville station) 0707523931
Adjame (Gagnoa, Divo, Oumé, Diegonefla) 0708275506
Adjamé (San-Pedro, Méaguy, Soubré 0709925035
Attecoubé (Issia, Guiberoua) 0708867137
Adjame (Daloa, Vavoua, Yamoussoukro, Bouafle) 0101353257
Koumassi (Divo Gagnoa Soubre Meaguy, San-Pedro Oumé Issia 0708782168
Gagnoa 0708181638
San Pedro 0757866096
Soubre 0504215275
daloa 0545511115
issia 050543346
Oume 0747196438
vavua 0708115752

SBTA Transport Interior Views


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