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UTB Transport Abidjan Bouake Contact, Horaire, Tarif & Prix

UTB Transport Ivory Coast
UTB Transport Ivory Coast

UTB Transport also known as Union des Transports de Bouaké was established in August 1984 and actually started its activities on November 8 of the same year.

The company  main activity is the transport of people and goods in the inter urban area.

Having at its creation two (02) cars, the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Kouamé Konan N’Sikan, through his enlightened business sense, will allow the company to increase its car fleet to twelve (12) vehicles after six ( 06) months of activity.

Subsequently, the U.T.B company has, over the years, acquired new coaches, reaching more than two hundred (200) coaches to provide services locally and internationally.

UTB Transport Company Fleet Line

With their large stocks of buses in their list, the company own a variety of vehicles from different makers like Scania, Yutong and many other brands.

All of this are newly imported from the manufacturing companies and has built with a custom interior design for a comfortable and stylish travel in the West African countries.

All of their buses has a Premium Insurance cover to secure the company asset as well as Passengers and other customers. Below are the features which available on their buses:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Arm Rest On Every Seats
Audio Visual For Entertainment
Air Conditioner With Individual Control Panel
Free WiFi Services For Your Smartphones
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Overhead Luggage Compartment
USB Charging System On Every Seat

UTB Transport Company Service Line

The company provide daily regional bus services within the country of Côte d’Ivoire at an affordable prices. They also provide International Bus Line to the neighboring countries.

They transfer both Passengers and Parcels to all destinations with daily Morning and Afternoon departures in all cities / towns within the country.

You can make a Booking of your Tickets at their offices within the Bus Terminal and Stops as well as their private offices out the terminal areas.

Booking can also be made by making a Call to their Customer Care Unity through Contact Numbers listed below this post.

UTB Transport Company Local & Cross Boarder Routes

Abidjan To Yamoussoukro
Abidjan To Tiébissou
Abidjan To Bouaké
Abidjan To Béoumi
Abidjan To Bouaflé
Abidjan To Daloa
Abidjan To Duékoué
Abidjan To Man
Abidjan To Divo
Abidjan To Gagnoa
Abidjan To Yabayo
Abidjan To Soubré
Abidjan To Méagui
Abidjan To San Pédro

Abidjan To Accra
Abidjan To Lomé
Abidjan To Cotonou

UTB Transport Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

73W3+Q69, Abidjan,
Côte d’Ivoire

Phone: +225 0504104223, +225 0506182927

Koumassi located near the police station of the 26th arrondissement of Koumassi and opposite the Koumassi tax center

Cell: 05 55 88 01 49

Cell: 05 04 00 32 74

Yamoussoukro district Soukala

Cell: 05 06 35 24 00

Yopougon 3rd Bridge opposite the BAE

Cell: 05 06 18 29 40

Abobo UTB located just opposite the Town Hall not far from Saint Joseph College

Cell: 07 08 11 85 11

Tel: 05 06 35 24 91

Adjamé UTB located at the old station not far from the Renault station

Cell: 05 45 02 90 51

Cell: 05 04 24 10 65


Cell: 05 06 18 29 22

Daloa, at Trade

Tel: 32 78 21 57

Tel: 32 78 30 05

Cell: 05 04 00 39 41


Tel: 27 30 64 40 92

Cell: 05 06 40 11 43

San Pedro

Tel: 34 71 84 74


Tel: 32 76 07 40

Tel: 32 76 33 98


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