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Buses To Cape Town From Johannesburg, Durban

Buses To Cape Town.
Buses To Cape Town.

Buses To Cape Town come from different places within the South African Country as well as different neighboring countries of Sub Sahara Africa.

There are lots of Bus companies providing daily and weekly services to City, Usually these are Public and Private bus depending on the type of services rendered at a particular time.

Travelers has a choice to choose different classes of buses depending on their budget planned for a specific trip. You can choose between economy, business or even full luxury class.

When do buses go to Cape Town?
Early in the morning before the sunrise (Dawn) some bus companies start their first trips to CapeTown from different cities and towns as well as countries.

In the major cities, towns, some villages and countries, Most of the buses start their first trips at 5.00 AM followed with a regular intervals of 30 minutes.

Are there any direct buses to Cape Town?

All major cities and towns as well as some villages in South Africa has a direct bus routes to CapeTown with a one way bus. Only few places doesn’t have a direct buses to the city.

Cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Queenstown and neighboring countries like Namibia, Zambia and many other has a direct bus services to CapeTown.

In those places with no direct buses, Passengers has an options of traveling to the nearby places where they can get a direct bus to CapeTown.

What can I take with me on my bus ride to CapeTown?
All Bus Companies to CapeTown allow their customers ride with a small luggage of up to 10 KGs. These luggage are free of charges and they are loaded in a Bus Boot Luggage compartment.

Passengers are also allowed to carry food items on the buses though there are very few companies which doesn’t allow riding with food on their buses.

Pets aren’t allowed on most of the buses especially the Public ride, There are few private buses which allow to ride with your Pets to CapeTown city.

What services and amenities does the buses to Cape Town has?
About 70% of the bus companies which provide services to CapeTown has a modern fleet which are well customized to give their customer a good experiences.

You will enjoy a 2 by 2 Reclining Seats with Arm Rest, Television Services With a good Sound System, Air Conditioners, Free On Board WiFi, USB Charging Ports On Every Seats.

Some Buses has On Board Wash Room as well as Free Drinks and Snacks Services.

Popular Bus Station and Stops In CapeTown

Bel Ombre
Camps Bay
Central Station
Hout Bay
Simon’s Town
CapeTown – Train

Popular Routes With Buses To Cape Town

Buses from Mthatha To CapeTown $48
Buses from Queenstown To CapeTown $41
Buses from King William’s Town To Cape own $41
Buses from Pretoria To CapeTown $50
Buses from East London To CapeTown $41

What Companies has Buses to and from Cape Town?
CapeTown is a centre of major Business activities, A lot of Bus Companies has a direct routes to the city. You may find local and international buses running to and from the city every hour.

Below are some of the Bus companies goes To CapeTown from different places:
Chilwans Express, Kaylin Tours, Baileys Transport, DMJ Bus, Jobela Star Bus, Munenzwa Bus, Elwierda Bus, Chihwa Tours, Ilula Bus



  1. Good Day, We, UNHCR need a bus that cater for 61 people, from Cape Town to Johannesburg,OR Tambo.

    We prefer a Charter Bus if possible, booking between the week of 22 to 29 August 2022

    • There are many charter buses on that route, Please choose Johannesburg category and select any of the preferable company to make a quote


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