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Buses To Pretoria From Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane

Buses To Pretoria
Buses To Pretoria

Buses To Pretoria are always on time with a well scheduled timetable. There are so many routes from different Cities, Towns, villages and countries heading to this business city.

Some of the most popular routes include those buses which comes from Durban, Cape Town and East London within the country of South Africa.

There are also few bus routes from the neighboring countries to Pretoria city with a weekly departures and a well scheduled timetable.

When do buses go to Pretoria?
The general timetable for buses from different places to Pretoria start from 5.00 AM, Hence you can have a ride from that time heading to the city.

There are so many buses from that time up to the late evening which has a route to the city. You have a wide range of time to make a choice of traveling.



Are there any direct buses to Pretoria?

Many Cities, Towns and Villages in South Africa has a direct bus routes to the city of Pretoria. But there are few places which doesn’t have a direct bus routes to the city.

Some neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana and others has a direct bus routes to the city. But there are some of them has no direct bus routes.

What can I take with me on my bus ride to Pretoria?
Most bus companies providing services to Pretoria allow Passengers to ride with general luggage like bags, small handling with no extra charges.

An additional luggage of more that 10KGs may be charged by most of the Bus Companies depending on the size or weights as well as nature of the respective luggage.

Many bus companies on this routes doesn’t allow Travelers to ride with Pets though there are few Private Bus Service provider allow Pets on their buses.

What services and amenities does the buses to Pretoria has?
Popular and most bus companies on the routes to this city has a modern and latest buses. Their buses features Reclining Comfortable Seats with Arm Rest.

Other features includes Audio Visual, Air Conditioner, USB Charging Ports, Overhead Luggage Compartment, Free WiFi Services and many other.

Some Luxurious Bus Companies has On Board Wash Rooms and they offer Free Drinks and Snacks to their Passengers.



Popular Bus Station And Stops In Pretoria

Bosman Station Coach Terminus
Pretoria East
 Pretoria North
Pretoria West
Saulsville Hostel
Pretoria – Station


Popular Routes With Busses To Pretoria

Durban To Pretoria $30
Mthatha To Pretoria $41
Bloemfontein To Pretoria $32
Port Elizabeth To Pretoria $46
Kimberley To Pretoria $37

What Companies has Buses to and from Pretoria?
There is a lot of Bus companies which provide daily and weekly bus services to Pretoria. Some are from within the country and other out of the South African boarders.

Below are some of the popular bus companies which offer their services to the city of Pretoria:
Protours Coach, Tamuka Coaches, Atteridgeville Bus, Xilumani Coaches, Phadziri Bus, Fancy Tours Bus, Lowveld Bus,
Fun Lover Coaches



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