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Buses To Johannesburg From Durban, Cape Town

Buses To Johannesburg
Buses To Johannesburg

Buses To Johannesburg comes from different sides of the country especially from those major cities and towns. There are buses also comes from country side in the villages.

Johannesburg also receive buses from neighboring countries on a daily and weekly basis. Some bus companies operates from Johannesburg to those countries as well as towns and cities in the country.

When do buses go to Johannesburg?
The time depend on where you are coming from, Either from the cities, Towns or Villages and also from other country. Every Bus company has it’s own schedules on their routes to Johannesburg.

The normal bus schedule to Johannesburg start from 5.00 AM from different cities and town. From that time there are plenty of buses coming different places just after every 30 minutes up to night time.




Are there any direct buses to Johannesburg?

Most of the major cities and towns as well as neighboring countries has a direct bus routes to Johannesburg which runs on daily and weekly basis.

Major cities like Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and many more has many bus companies which goes to Johannesburg every day.

There are also neighboring countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and many more which has a Direct daily bus routes to Johannesburg on a well scheduled timetable.

What can I take with me on my bus ride to Johannesburg?
Most of the Bus companies on the routes allow a Passengers to come with a small Luggage of up to 10KGs which is a free of charges services.

Most of the Bus companies doesn’t allow Pets on the bus, But there are few Private Hired Buses which allow Petty on the bus.

Passengers are allowed to take Food items on the bus and most of the Buses has a Stop Points for Passengers to have a Break for food and drinks pick up.

What services and amenities does the buses to Johannesburg have?
Eevry bus company has it’s own kind of Amenities and services on their buses. But the most common Amenities on all buses are Reclining Seats, Audio Visual, Air Conditioning Services, Luggage Compartment and Overhead Reading Lights.

Some Bus companies offer On Board USB Charging System, Free WiFi Services, Free Drinks & Snacks, On Board Washroom and many more features.




Popular Bus Station And Stops In Johannnesburg

Johannesburg – Alexandra
Johannesburg – Bara Rank
Johannesburg – Baragwanath
Johannesburg – Bertrams
Johannesburg – Chiawelo
Johannesburg – Denver Mens Hostel
Johannesburg – Halfway House Estate
Johannesburg – Jan Smuts Ave & Upper Park Dr
Johannesburg – Kaalfontein
Johannesburg – Kerk St
Johannesburg – Mall of Africa
Johannesburg – Meadowlands Police Station
Johannesburg – Newtown
Johannesburg – Nugget and Kerk St
Johannesburg – Park City Transit Centre
Johannesburg – Parktown
Johannesburg – Parktown North
Johannesburg – Randburg
Johannesburg – Sandton
Johannesburg – Southgate Shopping Centre
Johannesburg – Tshiawelo Station
Johannesburg – West St & Riviera Rd

What Companies has Buses to Johannesburg?
There are a lot of Bus companies which has direct routes to Johannesburg South Africa from other cities and towns within the country as well as those comes from out of the country boarders,

Below are some of the Bus companies goes To Johannesburg from different places:

Ulemu Bus, Proliner Bus, Matours, Revival Bus, Delta Coaches, Munorurama, Vilamora Tours, APM Bus, Eldo Coaches, Luvalo Tours



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