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Bus Companies In Uganda, Transportation & Travel Advice

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Bus Companies In Uganda
Uganda Domestic road travel is cheap compared to other means, but departures aren’t always on schedule. On average you pay 2 to 3 Euros per 100 km.

It is best to by your ticket the day before departure. There are two classes of bus travel Minibus or kigati which travel fixed routes, and Main coaches or buses.

There is also Self drive and hiring a private car with a driver are other options.

Most of the roads are of variable quality and radiate from Kampala, although the network is sparse in the north.

Some major roads are paved, the majority of minor and side roads are unpaved and can be bumpy and pot holed, so drive with caution, especially in the rainy season.

Remember that there are still some army and police checkpoints on roads. When you hyave a self drive, always keep vehicle doors locked and valuables out of sight.

Bus Companies In Uganda
Main buses and sometimes Minibus most of them being a Toyota Coaster connect major towns on a daily basis. The longer your journey is, the more likely it will be on a bus rather than a minibus.

Buses generally leave Kampala at fixed departure times, however when returning from provincial destinations, they usually leave when full. There are many reckless drivers, but buses are safer than minibuses.

Almost all towns, cities and villages in Uganda are linked by bus. The main coaches are preferable compared to the smaller shared taxes regarding security and comfort.

Recommended are the post coaches, for which you can obtain tickets at every post office. Departure is normally at the post office as well.

There are also international connections, for example to Nairobi (Kenia) or Kigali (Ruanda). Details, addresses and fares you can establish through known travel guides for Uganda or locally.

Bus Companies In Uganda
You can also travell in Uganda by a Minibuses which leave when full. As soon as you are a fair distance away from towns, where police spot checks are less likely, more passengers will be crammed in.

As is clearly painted on their doors, minibuses are licensed to carry 14 passengers, but traveling with fewer than 18 is rare, and the number often well exceeds 20.

For all but the shortest journeys, you’re better off taking a bus as they stop less frequently and are safer due to their size. Many minibus and bus drivers drive too fast to leave any leeway for emergencies.

Bus Companies In Uganda
Special hire taxis are also available in Uganda especially in the Northern regions. They are the most expensive means of traveling in and around Uganda.

It can be a bit cheaper if you’re sharing with someone so you split the cost. Hotels usually know some special hire taxis that are trustworthy that they can recommend to you, or call up for you.

So if you are staying at a hotel, most times all you have to do is inform the reception of your need and they will call up a taxi for you but you probably will not get the best price.

The rates are negotiable; it is only the yellow taxi company in Kampala that has metered rates for its taxis.



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