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Transport System In Tanzania, Road, Railway, Air, Water

Transport System In Tanzania

Transport System In Tanzania
Transport- is movement of goods and people from one place to another, people moves to carry out different activities such as production and distribution of goods.

Transport is important because, source of employment, promotes unity and understanding and development of settlement. The following are the types of transport which you can travel with from Dar es salaam to Mwanza.

Transport System In Tanzania
Road Transport

Is the most common type of transport which can reaches even the most remote areas. Road transport is the fastest means of reaching your destination than human and animal transport.

For example the use of bus from Dar es salaam to Mwanza and allow the transportation of small amount of goods at relatively low costs. Other means include  motorcycle, private car, lorries etc.

Transport System In Tanzania
Railway transport
It involves the transfer of goods and people from one place to another using trains on rails. The development of railways was meant to promote agriculture and industrial activities.

In Tanzania railways made easy transportation of raw materials and finished products. For example TAZARA and TRC Railway network facilitate the movement of goods and people within and out of the country boundary.

Transport System In Tanzania
Air Transport

Tanzania has managed to develop a wide network of Airport and Air transport facilities to make easy movement of people and goods in a short period of time.

There are many Airline company that offer an affordable means of traveling between regions, cities and even out of the country boundaries. Example Air Tanzania (ATCL), Precision Air and many other companies.

Transport System In Tanzania
Water Transport
Tanzania has blessed to have a large part of water bodies which made the country to invest in water transport. Tanzania is surrounded with the Indian Ocean and some large Lakes as well as Rivers.

You can travel between Dar es salaam and Zanzibar by Ships, Boats and other water vessels. You can even sail between towns within the Lake zone regions by water vessels.

Example companies that offer water transport include Azam, Fastlink, Zan Ferries and many more.


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