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List Of Public Bus Transportation Companies In Ghana

Hino Bus Model
Hino Bus Model

List Of Public Bus, Ghana have lot of Travell options either Public or Private all over the country. Although not all drivers are licensed but most of the driver in major and registered companies are licensed to drive those vehicles.

Insurance and registration stickers are displayed in the front windscreen of all vehicles in Ghana, allowing easy verification that the vehicle is current.

Most Of Buses in Ghana are usually used for long distances travell and between most major cities. There are plenty of bus companies that offer the same routes.

List Of Public Bus In Ghana
Almost all buses in Ghana are generally comfortable, fast and safe and their tickets cost range between GHS14 (US$6) and GHS24 (US$20.50), depending on what type of bus you choose.

Customers and travellers should remember buses in Ghana charge an extra fee for luggage.

In Ghana there are several different bus companies like Kingdom Transport Services, City Express, Metrobus and Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).

However, State Transport Company (STC) and many more but these are the most trusted bus companies.

Bus Companies in Ghana can be grouped into two, In first group there are bus companies with better quality buses. These kind of companies have ticket offices where tickets can be bought in advance or just before the departure.

It’s better to buy tickets in advance, especially if traveling before or during peak season, holidays etc, when ticket can be sold out faster.

List Of Public Bus In Ghana
This first group of buses have comfortable seats (V.I.P. bus company being one of them), air condition, they more likely depart on actual time, are relatively fast and don’t stop on the way to pick up more people.

Each of bus companies usually has only one station in one city and different bus companies are usually not situated together at the same station.

Please note that you will always have to pay extra for your bigger pieces of luggage. At the STC company, STC staff will weight you luggage and you will pay per kilogram.

It is not too expensive, but you are in Ghana, so you can always negotiate with staff. VIP bus and GH Express don’t weight but just have fixed prices for the luggage, depends on the size.

List Of Public Bus In Ghana
In the second group of bus companies in Ghana, there are other (smaller) companies. Their buses are at lower quality and don’t use timetables.

Tickets cannot be bought in advance since these bus companies don’t have their own offices. Buses also pick up more people on the way and can be very slow, but tickets are cheaper.

The above named companies provide Public bus services but their buses also are available for Rent and tourism purpose all the day.

List Of Public Bus In Ghana
There are also some bus companies which have been registered for private use only like Tourism uses, Hiring services for school, Institutions, churches and other groups.



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