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Metropoline Bus Tel Aviv Schedule & Phone Number

Metropoline bus
Metropoline bus

Metropoline Bus is a private company that operates public transportation, as part of concessions from the Ministry of Transportation in Israel.

Metropolis engraves on its banner the values ​​of innovation and services as leading values, with the aim of providing passengers with advanced, efficient and courteous service.

These are achieved by using the most advanced technologies in the industry, for the well-being and safety of passengers.

Metropoline bus was established in 2000, with the opening of the public transportation market to competition, and is currently jointly owned by the Bon Tor transportation company and the Traffic Devices company.

Metropolis operates in three clusters of activity, within the framework of more than 300 service lines, and they are spread over the following areas: the center and Gush Dan; Hasharon and Netanya; The Negev and the south.

In total the company serves hundreds of thousands of passengers a year, deals over 27 million trips. Fleet of 1,200 buses society, urban and interurban, including buses powered by electricity and gas.

Metropoline Bus Israel Fleet Line

Metropolis is committed to all their customers, and as such offers a comfortable and quality travel experience for different audiences and different needs, including accessible service.

Their customers have a fleet of vehicles that allows adapted transportation for people with disabilities.

The vehicles are equipped with special and safe equipment, and are designed to enable people with disabilities, and the disabled who move in wheelchairs in particular, a convenient and efficient transportation solution.

In the fleet of Metropoline bus vehicles you can find accessible buses or shuttles designed for people with disabilities and people in wheelchairs.

These vehicles are equipped with an electric ladder for the benefit of getting on or off the vehicle; Wheelchair opening for wheelchair passage; Spacious place for mooring a wheelchair; Wheelchairs adapted for wheelchairs; safety rail; Seating adjacent to escorts.

The vehicles are also equipped with an environmental audio amplification system.

They invest the most resources and efforts in adjusting the required accessibility, and in order to provide people with disabilities with an equal and optimal service.

Metropoline bus Technological innovation
The world’s most advanced technology for quiet and enjoyable travel:

Advanced vehicle fleet management system based on GPS and GPRS communication for locating and tracking the buses.
A control room staffed 24 hours a day for guidance, control and assistance.
Advanced digital mapping systems that enable computerized route planning.
Free Wi-Fi (on most buses).

Metropoline Bus Israel Service Line

The company provides bus routes from Beersheba to Tel Aviv and other destinations in the Southern District.

They have Intracity and intercity routes in Ramat HaSharon, Herzliya, Hod HaSharon, Ra’anana, Kfar Saba and other destinations in southern HaSharon.

The company operates  operate the intercity routes from BeerSheva to Tel Aviv and other destinations in the Southern District and the intracity service in Arad.

Also they are providing services in Southern HaSharon which contained most intracity and regional service in Ramat HaSharon, Herzliya, Hod HaSharon, Ra’anana and Kfar Saba.

Also Metropoline Bus provide services in Sharon Holon Regional which contains Netanya Tel Aviv routes, All bus routes in Southern HaSharon, 4 bus routes in northern Tel Aviv and 4 bus routes of in Holon.

A special travel experience
Special shuttles all over the country for events, conferences, trips, fun days of organizations and the like.

Theirgoal is to provide a pleasant and safe travel experience to the customer through modern and advanced buses, maximum comfort, reliable service and favorable prices

Metropoline Bus Israel Night Lines
Night lines are public transportation lines that operate on weekends and student vacations, from residential areas to recreation centers and back, from midnight to 4 p.m.

The lines are operated by the Ministry of Transport and public transport companies and travel on them is the cost of regular travel on public transport, with all means of payment valid during the day, including discounts, tickets and “free monthly” tickets.

Metropoline Bus night lines are designed to allow young people all over the country to go out and return home safely, without risking drunk driving, dangerous behavior on the roads, taking rides and without spending large sums of money on the way to and from the place of entertainment.

During the summer holidays and all student holidays, most of the lines operate on a daily basis, except for Fridays. During the school year, the lines operate on Thursday and Saturday nights

Metropoline Bus Israel Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Below are all the ways to contact information on service lines:

please contact the call center on 5900 * Available 24/7 at your service information regarding positions “on line”

Please click on the Link below, some for requests of the public can fill out the contact form

Contact a telephone service transfer request by fax: 073-2634938

Metropoline Bus Transfer documents by sending mail:

Path Papas 3, Kfar Saba, targeting 44,277

Inquiries about insurance property damage / tin has to send an email with all event details email: Tviot@metropoline.com

Injuries A body should contact the call center

Metropoline Bus Night Lines Contact Details
gged 2800 *
Egged Transport 3133 *
Omni Express 3553 *
Dan 3456 *
Metropolis 5900 *
Nativ Express 1599-559-559
Superbus 1-700-700-181
Lines 2060 *
Travel and Tourism 3553




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