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Afikim Bus Israel Schedule (Timetable) & Phone Number

Afikim bus
Afikim bus

Afikim Bus is part of the “Amnon Mesilot” group, which was established in mid-2008, as part of a reform introduced by the Ministry of Transportation.

 This reform involved the field of public transportation that allowed private companies to bid on tenders to operate public transportation clusters.

The company has urban, long-distance and fire-protected lines.The company’s vehicles, for the most part, are new vehicles and equipped with the best technologies.

Afikim Bus operates in 5 transportation clusters within which it operates service lines in public transportation.

Accordingly, once every few years the company sets visionary goals in order to set a new ambitious performance standard for itself and its people.

These goals challenge the company’s employees and require innovative thinking, development of processes based on advanced international standards – all in order to meet their mission and serve the passengers across the country.

Afikim BusIsrael Fleet Line

The company own and operates modern and luxurious fleet on Urban and rural routes. Most of their buses has the following on board features:

That you travel with Electra-Afikim you are guaranteed the best service. On board most of our buses you will find free Wi-Fi, legroom and charging sockets for your phone.

You can always avoid boredom thanks to our free Wi-Fi on our buses – you can spend your trip surfing the web, chatting with friends and checking your emails

Unfortunately, not all of Afikim Bus is  equipped with wireless internet yet. If you are unable to access their media content, it is likely that the wireless internet is not available on this bus.

If you believe this is a malfunction, you can report it online and their technology team will act quickly to locate and rectify the malfunction

Charging sockets
Want to surf the web, chat or work on your laptop, but your battery is dead? No problem! Just look for the socket opening and charge your device

Afikim BusIsrael Service Line

The company operates on routes connecting the Gush Dan and Sharon plain regions with the western Samaria region of the West Bank, as well as lines in Ashdod, Yavne, Rosh HaAyin and other locations.

It is the company which operates ‘Palestinian only’ buses and bus lines for Palestinian workers commuting from the West Bank to jobs in Israel, following complaints from Jewish settlers.

Afikim Bus company operates routes in Ashdod–Yavne–Tel Aviv sector, Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin which includes all intracity service in Petah Tikva and Rosh HaAyin.

They also operate the intracity and intercity services in Rosh HaAyin and line 47 from Giv’at Shmuel to Petah Tikva as well as line 485 from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.

Their services expanded to Samaria cluster, the company has been operating the service lines in the Samaria area, including from Samaria to many destinations throughout the country.

Afikim Bus Israel Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Public Inquiries
For fax number: 073-3323488
Via the email address: appeals@afikim-t.co.il
People with disabilities who have difficulty approaching her by the specified means, are welcome to contact Afikim by phone at 073-3323486 between the hours of 12: 00-15: 00

Lost locator
At the call center, you can open an application that will be forwarded to the relevant service center for further treatment.
In urgent cases only, please contact 6686



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