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Yegna Bus Addis Ababa Ticket Office Phone Number

yegna bus ethiopia
yegna bus ethiopia

Yegna Bus Company Is an Ethiopian based public transport service Plc which is established in 2018.

The main Aim of the company establishment is to contribute to the social economic development of Ethiopia, and East Africa at large, through providing quality & modern services to Traveler & Other customers.

They boast themselves to give you a comfort zone you are wishing while traveling which is the source for a successful and memorable time in ones journey.

The company engage themselves in a Local transportation services as well as Cross Boarder transportation services.

Yegna Bus Ethiopia Fleet Line

If You are in Ethriopia and the surrounding countries, looking for a quality reliable secured and modern public transport, Yegna is one among them and they have a very comfortable buses in Ethiopia.

Their modern and reliable bus’s with a very professional and dedicated transport team they have are already in place to give you a pleasant journey in your ways ahead.

When you choose to travel with Yegna Bus, You will enjoy the following on board features as well as services from their professional team:

2 By 2 Seating Arrangement With Enough Legroom
USB Charging System On Every Seat
Free WiFi Services With A Good Speed
On Board Toilet Available On Their Buses
Breakfast Services For Morning Departures
Air Conditioning Services (A/C)
Overhead Reading Lights
Television Services From A Modern Slim Tv
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening

Yegna Bus Ethiopia Service Line

The company gives you a comfort zone you are wishing while traveling which is the source for a successful and memorable time in one’s journey.

Their Buses provide daily Local transportation services in Ethiopia with a morning departures at all bus terminals.

Their main hubs of destination are all the regional cities of Ethiopia making a depature point from Addis Ababa to Mekelle, Bahir dar, Hawassa, Dire dawa, Gondar, Jijiga, Injibara and other main cities of the country.

Also Yegna Bus have a Cross Boarder transportation services from Addis Ababa to Khartoum, And other business cities within East African countries.

The company also provide Parcel Transportation services at a fair prices.

You can make a booking of your Tickets by visiting their Offices which are located in all bus terminal where their bus have destinations.

You can also make a booking by calling them though their contact number listed below this post.

Yegna Bus Ethiopia Local Routes

Addis Ababa To Hawassa
Addis Ababa To Gondar
Addis Ababa To Mekelle
Addis Ababa To Dire Dawa
Addis Ababa To Bahir Dar
Addis Ababa To Injibara
Addis Ababa To Jijiga

Yegna Bus Ethiopia Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Addis Ababa Ethiopia, kirkos sub city,
Around Kazanchis, OSAC building 5th floor.


General Info: +251911205428

Head Office

+251907909090 Addis Ababa Ticket Office
+251908909090 Addis Ababa Ticket
+251907404040 Hawassa
+251907606060 Bahirdar
+251907717171 Enjibara
+251907727272 Mekelle
+251907737373 Gondar


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