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TSR Transport Abidjan Ouagadougou Contact, Tarif, Horaire

TSR Transport

TSR Transport also known as Transport Sana Rasmane is an International company based in Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. The company was founded by Mr Sana Rasmane in the year 1998.

The company operates Cross Boarder Transportation services between these two countries and to the neighboring countries as well. One of their major International route include Ouagadougou via Bouaké to Abidjan and San Pedro.

It has buses registered in both countries Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, Apart from the International routes, the company also operates on Local routes in both countries.

TSR Transport Company Fleet Line

Now for your family, business and tourism trips, discover the passion of traveling by TSR with its new buses full of comfort, upgraded security and comfortable seats.

Their Fleet list include Chinese buses like Zhongtong, Higer, Golden Dragon and Yutong which are newly imported from China. The list also include few second hand European Coaches and Mini Buses.

All of their buses has Premium Insurance Cover to give their customers assurance of security as well as to protect the company Assets from Unforeseen future.

TSR Transport has a various classes of their buses, These includes Economy, Semi Luxury and Luxury VIP Buses. Below are some of the Amenities and Services Available on their buses:

2 By 3 Seating Configuration For Economy
2 By 2 Seating Configuration For Semi Luxury
2 By 1 Seating Configuration For VIP Luxury
Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Audio Visual For Entertainment & Announcement
Air Conditioning Services With Individual Control Devices
USB Charging Port On Every Seats
Free WiFi For Internet Access With Your Smartphones
Overhead Reading Lights & Luggage Compartment

TSR Transport Company Service Line

For Family, Business or Tourism trips, TSR Is one among the best choices both in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. The company provide a well scheduled daily services in both countries.

The company transit both Passengers and Parcels at an affordable prices. You can make Ticket Booking at their offices located in Each bus terminals and their private offices.

You can also make a Booking by calling their office representative on the numbers listed below. Booking are available in advance to give you enough time for trip preparations.

TSR Transport Routes & Timetable In Both Countries

Abidjan To Daloa         Bouake To Abidjan
06H00, 11H00                  05H00, 12H00
08H00, 13H00                  05H00, 12H00
09H00, 15H00                  06H00, 13H00
10H00, 17H00                   08H00, 14H00
09H00, 15H00
Daoukro To Abidjan          10H00, 16H00
07H00, 12H00                   11H00, 17H00
09H30, 15H00                              18H00

Yamoussoukro To Abidjan
07H30, 13H30, 08H30, 14H30, 09H30, 15H30
10H30, 16H30, 11H30, 17H30, 12H30, 18H30

Bobo-Dioulasso   Ouahigouya   Koudouogou    Gaoua
06H30             06H00             06H00             06H00
08H00             07H00             08H00             07H00
09H00             08H00             09H00             07H30
10H00             09H30             11H30             12H00
11H00             11H00             13H00             14H00
12H00             12H00             15H00             15H00
13H00             13H00             17H00             17H00
14H00             14H00             18H30              __H__
15H00             15H00                                    Leo  
16H00             16H00             Djibo               07H00
18H00             18H00             07H00              09H00
20H00             20H00             09H00             12H30
22H00                                   12H00             14H00
22H30                                   14H00              16H00

Dori              Kongoussi         Dedeugou       Galgouli
06H00             06H00             07H00             08H30
08H00             10H00             14H00             11H00
10H00             15H00             __H__             __H__
12H00             17H00             __H__             __H__
13HOO             __H__             __H__             __H__
15H00             __H__             __H__             __H__

Abidjan                    Hamele                     Batie
06H00                      13H00                       09H30

TSR Transport Offices & Contact Details For Enquiry

Ivory Coast
+225 07 47 47 11 77
+225 07 07 76 95 22
+225 07 47 37 08 02

Burkina Faso
+226 51 51 36 98
+226 70 25 31 38


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