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Tornado Bus Phone Number, Schedule, Station Near Me

Tornado bus vanhool
Tornado bus vanhool

Tornado Bus Company is a family owned business which was founded 25 years ago in Houston, Texas. They currently operate their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The Bus Company services clients in Central and Eastern United States as well as Mexico. With over 50 locations, Tornado Bus Company strives to offer the safest and most efficient transportation service.

Safety is their number one priority; They take great pride in providing their clients with services that meet all state, federal, and local laws.



Tornado Bus Fleet And Service Line

The Company focuses on delivering a great travel experience at a low price and they currently offer some premium features onboard. Below are some features/Amenities available on their coaches:

Power Outlets:
You can generally find one or two plugs per row of seats, so be a good traveler and check if your seat neighbor might want to charge up their devices as well.

With the onboard power outlets, you can charge both a computer and USB devices with a power outlet USB converter that typically come with most phones and tablets.

WiFi Connection:
Though most trips with Tornado Bus Company will have WiFi as advertised, some trips might not come equipped with Wifi and onboard WiFi can lose its connection in rural areas.

They recommend you bring a book or download a movie just to play it safe.



Tornado Bus Company Service Line

Note that the round trip ticket is only available in the United States. When traveling to Mexico, you can buy from the United States to Mexico with their online reservation system.

For information on tickets and connections from Mexico, You can contact those numbers and email provided at the end of the post.

They also have El Expreso which features excellent service with more frequencies than any other carrier to popular Texas border points like Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Brownsville, Reynosa, Roma, McAllen and more.

El Expreso partners with Mexico’s elite motorcoach companies like Grupo Estrella Blanca, ADO and other companies for great service to all points in Mexico.

Tornado Bus Send and receive
How does it work?
Locate the branch of your locality.
Provide the necessary data to make your shipment.
According to the weight of your package, it will be the cost of your shipment.
If you wish, you can hire our shipping insurance.
Ready! Your package will be received in the estimated time granted.
Speed ​​and confidence
All deliveries are carried within several

Tornado Bus Baggage Information
Two checked bags and one carry on item free of charge. No checked luggage should exceed 40 pounds each. Children are only allowed one bag not exceeding 30 pounds.

Carry on bag only includes; backpack, purse, briefcase, or any other items similar to those listed. Bag is not to exceed 25 pounds and must properly fit in the overhead bin.

All luggage including carry-on bags must have a tag with the passenger’s information including address.

Tornado Bus Operators have the authority to deny any luggage that does not contain a luggage tag.

Any electronic device such as, laptop, mp3 player, cell phones, are not permitted in a check in bag, must be on a carry-on bag. Please remember to carry your medication with you and not in the checked in bag.

Boxes, TV, Stereo, Recreational/Sporting goods, etc. are not considered luggage.


Tornado Bus Routes And Average Prices

Midland to Dallas
Price $60.00
Dallas to Austin
Price $50.00
Houston to Dallas
Price $45.00
Dallas to El Paso
Price $70.00
Midland to Houston
Price $95.00
Dallas to San Marcos
Price $55.00
Odessa to Dallas
Price $60.00
Midland to El Paso
Price $55.00
Waco to Dallas
Price $40.00


Tornado Bus Office And Contacts For Enquiry

8630 East R.L Thornton Freeway Dallas,TX 75228

US +1-888-358-6762

MX +01-800-867-6236



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