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Super Baraka Online Booking Contact And Timetable

Super 2BBaraka 2BExpress
Super 2BBaraka 2BExpress
Super Baraka Express Bus Is a passenger transportation company which based in Dodoma City.
The company is in the Passenger transport Industry for more than 7 years, Transfering passenger from the Capital city Dodoma to the Business city Dar es salaam via Morogoro Town.
Super Baraka Express was established as a small bus company providing services within the Dodoma regions before expanding their services to other regions.
They have managed to add up a new fleet in their list to provide better experiences to their customers who used to travel a Long Distance to Dar es salaam, Pwani & Morogoro.
The company is among the best bus companies to travel with when you have a Dodoma to Dar es salaam trip and vice versa. The company Headquarter is in Dodoma City.

Which Fleet Used By Super Baraka?

The company own a modern and luxury buses to give you a comfort travel for your Long Distance trip between Dodoma City and Dar es salaam City.

They have a variety of bus models of Semi Luxury class according to LATRA (Land Transport Regulatory Authority), Most Of Them being Chinese Yutong and few Higer buses.

Most of their buses are of Semi Luxury class based on the Tanzania’s rank, Their buses are driven by the well experienced and professional Drivers.
Most of their fleet are latest models Chinese buses with a well customized interior design to give you a comfort Travel on your way.

Super Baraka Express buses have Ideal on board features and services to give you a unique experience on your trips. The following are the few among those features:
Multiple Television Fitted On Each Side
Good Sound & Music System For Music & Listening
Air Conditioning Service
Free WiFi On Some Buses
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Alarm Buttons On Each Seat
USB Charging System On Each Seat

Which Services Does Super Baraka Offer?

The company offer daily bus services from Dodoma City To Dar es salaam via Morogoro and Pwani. They have bus stops in all major towns to facilitate easier movement of their customers to their different locations.

The company offer both Passenger and Parcels transfer services at an affordable prices to all people. They have a booking offices in all bus terminal and stops to give you a good customer services wherever you need their services.

They also have an Agents in most of their Bus Stops to give you assistance of managing the Booking process and whatever you want from their company.

Book Super Baraka bus ticket Online by dialing Customer Care number listed below this post.

What Is The Company Bus Routes?

They have only one main routes that plies between the business and capital city of Tanzania as shown below.

Dodoma To Dar es salaam Via

What Is Super Baraka Bus Contact Number?

Phone Number : 0718936696

Super- Baraka Interior Views


  1. why could it not be free wi-fi on each bus because it seems like no wi- fi with excuse that it is written on some buses only
    And alarms on every seat i haven’t seen them

    • Alarm Buttons are located on overhead luggage compartment for each modern buses, But WiFi depend on a management decision regarding a particular bus level (Class)


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