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SRS Travels Bangalore To Mumbai Contact Number

SRS 2BTravels
SRS 2BTravels

SRS Travels Is one of the leading transport organizations in the India with extensive operations in the areas of:

Employee Transportation, Tourist Transportation, Intercity Night Service, Package tours and Logistics/Cargo Movement.

They have started in 1971, They are proud to state that the company has made tremendous progress in its chosen field.

SRS Travels has a good network of buses in South India and has a fleet of over 350 buses.

These buses features Multi-axle Volvo, Bharat Benz Sleeper and Semi-Sleeper buses in the A/C as well as Non-A/C buses.

They are providing daily services in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune. Besides.

They have major presence in Ahmadabad, Trivandrum, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Goa, Tirupathi and this is further getting expanded.

SRS Travels Company Fleet Line

They are operating a fleet of white luxury buses, which are associated with luxury inter city bus travel. Their buses are modern and latest with A/C, Non A/C classes.

They are operating a Seater buses, Sleeper buses and Semi Sleeper buses with different in prices/fares depending on the type of the respective bus.

Seater (2+1) With AC: They are very comfortable with enough space between seats as well as big legroom.

Semi Sleeper AC (2+2) Bus Multi Axle: SRS Travels are comprised with Volvo, Scania and Mercedes Benz.

They are Semi Sleeper Buses with reclining seats, LED TV, water bottles, face wipes, and blankets.

Sleeper AC (2+1)Volvo Multi Axle: This is an expensive class with an LED Television with popular movies for every berth.

This class featuires blankets, face wipes and water bottles to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable all the way long.

SRS Travels also have the following types of buses:
NON AC Seater / Sleeper (2+1)
NON AC Seater (2+2)
The NON AC Seater / Sleeper (2+1)
NON AC Seater (2+2) with push back seats.

SRS Travels Company Service Line

This company have specialized in providing different bus services in India, And the following are those popular services they are offering to their customers:

Employee Transportation
They are engaged in a big way into employee transportation for Corporate sector serving over 150 companies on 24/7 basis.

Over 4000 buses, mini buses, vans and cars are engaged in round the clock operations transporting nearly a lakh of employees every day across four cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune.

SRS Travels client base includes all the major Software / BPO, Manufacturing sector companies. In fact SRS’s lion’s share of revenues are derived from this Sector.

Tour Packages
The company has got into tour packages in a big way and offers a wide variety of packages to various popular destinations catering to all budgets.

Their package to the famous temple town of Tirupati is always a big draw. Currently, They have the following packages in their portfolio which can be customized to suit individuals/groups.

SRS Travels Bangalore City Tour
Mysore – Ooty
Mysore – Ooty – Kodaikanal
Ooty – Coonoor
Ooty – Kodaikannal
Kodaikanal Package

Logistics/Cargo Movement
Also they are engaged in logistics/cargo movement in a big way for which considerable infrastructure has been deployed in terms of vehicles and a large network of branches/godowns across all the southern states and also in Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The wealth of expertise that SRS Travels has acquired in the course of over four decades of their existence coupled with their vision to provide the very best end to end solutions, has led them to be recognized as a quality service provider.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction and endurance to hard trails have helped them to bring into their fold a large number of corporate clients and others.

They are constantly innovating and recasting their operations as to provide the best of solutions to meet the ever changing needs of their clients.

Tourist Transportation
SRS Travels has been in the forefront of providing excellent transport services to the discerning tourists from all over the country and abroad for over 4 decades.

All the leading tourist destinations are reached by most modern coaches and cabs with highly trained and experienced staff in attendance to cater to the choice requirements of Tourists.

In terms of the quality of service and the volume of operations SRS Travels continues to be the leader in the travel and tourism sector with none to match their service levels in the industry.

Tourists have the choice of hiring different capacities of coaches and cabs for their customized tours tailored according to their needs.

Intercity Night Service
SRS Travels is a major player in this segment. Over 200 buses are deployed connecting prominent destinations across, Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The services are being extended to more and more destinations gradually.

Most modern coaches with A/C, Non A/C. Air Suspension facilities are deployed for safe and comfortable journey.

Passengers can reserve seats using online facility by accessing www.srsbooking.com or they can walk into their nearest branch office and obtain reservations.

Premium Cars
SRS Travels also into premium cars segment and have been catering to all their corporate client and others.

All types of chauffer driven premium sedans such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford and many other models.

They are driven by smart, courteous chauffeurs who are fluent in English and other local languages can be provided.

Their drivers go the extra mile to ensure customers are safe and comfortable at all times.

SRS Travels Routes With First & Last Bus Times

Bangalore to Hubli
06:00 23:45
Bangalore to Belagavi
06:00 23:45
Hubli to Bangalore
00:15 23:45
Belagavi to Bangalore
01:05 23:30
Bangalore to Dharwad
06:00 23:45
Bangalore to Davanagere
06:00 23:30
Belagavi to Pune
00:00 23:55
Dharwad to Bangalore
08:30 23:00
Hubli to Pune
00:00 23:55
Bangalore to Pune
06:00 22:55
Bangalore to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
06:00 22:55
SRS Travels Pune to Belagavi
00:00 23:10
Dharwad to Pune
00:00 23:55
Tumakuru to Pune
09:00 23:55
Davanagere to Pune
00:00 23:55
Tumakuru to Belagavi
00:10 23:55
Pune to Dharwad
00:00 23:10
Pune to Hubli
00:00 23:10
Bangalore to Karad
06:00 22:55
Mumbai to Belagavi
02:00 22:00
Tumakuru to Hubli
00:10 23:55
SRS Travels Pune to Bangalore
00:00 23:10
Belagavi to Mumbai
00:00 23:55
Tumakuru to Dharwad
00:10 23:55
Mumbai to Hubli
02:00 22:00
Mumbai to Dharwad
02:00 22:00
Dharwad to Mumbai
00:00 23:55
Hubli to Mumbai
00:00 23:30
Bangalore to Satara
06:00 22:55
Tumakuru to Kolhapur(Maharashtra)
09:00 23:55
Pune to Davanagere
00:00 23:10
Davanagere to Mumbai
11:30 23:55
SRS Travels Bangalore to Mumbai
06:00 22:55
Kolhapur(Maharashtra) to Bangalore
00:00 23:45
Bangalore to Bagalkot
21:00 22:30
Bangalore to Hyderabad
02:00 23:45
Tumakuru to Mumbai
09:00 23:55
Karad to Bangalore
00:45 23:55
Satara to Bangalore
00:00 23:15
Bangalore to Ilkal
19:45 22:45
Hyderabad to Bangalore
07:00 23:30
Chitradurga to Pune
10:30 23:30
Swargate to Kalasipalyam
00:00 23:10
SRS Travels Bangalore to Kurnool
02:00 23:45
Mumbai to Bangalore
02:00 22:00
Madurai to Bangalore
07:00 23:55
Madurai to Hosur
07:00 23:55
Mumbai to Davanagere
02:00 22:00
Bangalore to Almatti
18:30 22:45
Haveri to Pune
12:05 23:00

SRS Travels Company Office & Contacts For Enquiry

#321, T.S.P. Road, Opp-Bangalore Medical College,
Kalasipalyam, Bangalore-560 002.

Landline: +91-80-26704272
+91-80- 26708511

E-mail: mails@srstravels.net

Mobile: +91-9900063483

Fax: +91-80 26703308

SRS Travels Online Booking


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