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Tanzania Railways Corporation, is an organization created under the Railways Act No. 10 of 2017 with the main objective of providing quality and reliable rail transport services, to manage, develop and ensure the protection and security of railway infrastructure in Tanzania.

The history of the Tanzania Railways can be traced back to 1948 with the establishment of the East African Railways and Ports Agency (EAR & H). The East African Railways and Ports Corporation was formed in 1948 in conjunction with the East African Community and was a public corporation that managed the railways and ports of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika and later Tanzania in the years before and after the independence of these countries.

Following the collapse of the East African Community, a new Railways Corporation (Tanzania Railways Corporation) was formed as a Public Corporation. Tanzania Railways continued to bear the full responsibility of transport in Tanzania thus continuing to provide rail transport services (Rail Transport Services), Marine transport service, Road (Road transport service) and Hotels and Restaurants (Hotels and Hotels). Catering services). Transportation activities in Tanzania continued with the available materials, as most of the equipment was blocked in Nairobi – Kenya, where it was the headquarters of the Community and also the headquarters of the East African Railway Corporation.

Restructuring of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC)
In 2017 the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania passed the Tanzania Railways Bill to merge the Tanzania Railway Company (TRL) with the Railway Resources Holding Company (RAHCO) and finally the creation of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) under the Act. new Railway Tanzania.

Tanzania Railways Corporation Fleet Line

Deluxe Train
This is a modern passenger train that travels between Dar es Salaam, Tabora, Mpanda and Kigoma along Lake Tanganyika.

Food Service:
If you are on the Deluxe train you will enjoy a great meal service prepared by talented chefs as well as a variety of drinks. They have experienced chefs and waiters who will serve you when you are in a special food cart loaded with various foods and make you enjoy your trip.

Telephone and Internet:
To make the passengers feel you are on the move the use of phones and other communication devices are set up to allow you to access communication services throughout your travels.

Adequate space carts give you the opportunity to walk from one carriage to another and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and attractions. Deluxe Train with Second Class Sleeping, Second Class Sitting and Third Class carriages.

Ordinary Train
Two Ordinary trains make their journeys twice a week from Dar es Salaam, Tabora to Mwanza. Ordinary Train has First Sleeping Classes, Second Sleeping Classes, Second Sitting Classes and Third Class Sites with a special Restaurant Car for Food and Beverages.

Tanzania Railways Corporation Booking Procedures

1. Search Trains
Type your Information above then click search to start searching for your reservation.

2. Enter Your Information
You will be asked for your contact information and information. (No Account Registration Required.)

3. Pay by Phone or Bank
You can pay by Card or Phone through any secure Payment method.

4. Receive Your Ticket
After Payment Completed, within 20 minutes You will receive an email with your Ticket.

TRC Office & Contacts For Enquiry

Head Office Dar es salaam
Sokoine Road,
P.O. Box 76959,
Dar es Salaam.

Fax: 022 21334028
Telephone: 0800 11 00 42

TRC Online Ticket Booking

TRC Traveling Timetable


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