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Kopano Bus Service Polokwane Contacts, Timetable

Kopano Bus Service.
Kopano Bus Service.

Kopano Bus Service CC is a passenger transport company which was founded in September/October 2000 and registered in April 2001.

The company started operating as a Black Economic Empowerment cc in the Lebowakgomo area with Great North Transport (Pty) Ltd.

The company has experienced phenomenal growth surpassing the set targets by more than 100 %.Today the company increased its fleet by more than 250%.

The company operation success has mainly been fueled by a solid and visionary leadership together with a strong and capable management team.

Kopano Bus Service Fleet Line

Their fleet is mainly made of 65 and 80 seater buses. Their buses are known to be always reliable, comfortable and consistently clean to offer their passengers a superior onboard experience while riding to their various destinations.

They conduct regular check on their fleet to ensure that they remain roadworthy as well as doing regular refurbishing of the old fleet to meet their required standard of acceptability by our passengers.

Kopano Transport Company Service Line

Kopano Bus Service provide the following types of services:
Scheduled Commuter Service
They transport passengers between Lebowakgomo and the surrounding areas of Marulaneng, Habakuk, Moletlane, Podungwane and Groothoek.

Touring Transport Service
They provide tour services to organised groups throughout South Africa.

Inter-City Charter Kopano Bus Service
Their buses travel to all the cities of South Africa and can be hired for special occasions.

Special Hire Service
They offer specialised private hire services to organised groups such as churches, schools, clubs and societies as well as hires for funerals.

Their private hire service has risen in popularity amongst communities where theyoperate. Whether its funerals, weddings and any other travel for leisure, our company is living up to its motto “Legae La Banamedi”, The home for passengers.

Kopano Transport Company Routes

Kopano Bus Services Operates On The Following Routes:
Sefalaole to MEC Res via Bolopa/Mamaolo
Lebowakgomo to Nkotowane
Lebowakgomo to Dithabaneng via Habakuk/Makurung
Habakuk to Dithabaneng via Makurung
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Jaskral via Mamaolo
Lebowakgomo Zone F to
Lekurung via Mamaolo/Maralaleng
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Marulaneng via Zone A&Tjiane
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Mmatonya via Zone A & Tjiane
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Mmatonya via Tooseng/Thamagane

Kopano Bus Service Route
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Marulaneng via Morotse /Tooseng/Lenting
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Mapatsakeng via Thamagane/Lenting
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Moletlane via Mathibele/Habakuk
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Groothoek via ZoneZone 5
Matome ZB Stene Cross to Zone A via Matome
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Potgietersrus via Makotse/Makushwaneng
Matome ZB Stene Cross to Zone A via Matome /Ga- Ledwaba
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Portgietersrus via Makotse/ Makushwaneng
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Shutalale
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Shutalale via Makgwathane
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Makaepea via Phalakwane
Habakuk to Makaepea via Matime/Sefalaolo/Makgwathane
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Sefalaolo via Makgwathane

Kopano Bus Service Routes
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Hweleshaneng
Hweleshaneng to Parliament
Podungwane to Zone F
MEC Res to Lesetsi (Phoshiri)
Lebowakgomo Zone F to Tjiane via Mamaolo
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Marulaneng Zone F/Thamagane/Lenting/Tooseng
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Ga –Ledwaba via Makotse/ Matome
Habakuk to ZB Bricks
ZB Bricks to Zone A via Matome/Ga-Ledwaba
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Bolahlakgomo via Groothoek/Mogoto
Bolahlakgomo to Zone A via Mogoto/Groothoek
Groothoek to Makushwaneng via ZB.Bricks/Moletlane
Lebowakgomo Zone A to Makgophong via Rakgwatha Madisha

Kopano Bus Service Office Contacts For Enquiry

58/50 Platinum St, Polokwane Ext 17, Polokwane, 0699, South Africa
Ladine, Polokwane
Phone: +27 15 293 0517
+27 15 293 0511
+27 15 293 0512
+27 15 293 0518
Emails: info@kopanobus.co.za


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