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Kenya Airways Contact, Booking, Schedule & Ticket Prices

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways, a member of the Sky Team Alliance, is a leading African airline flying to 42 destinations worldwide, 35 of which are in Africa and carries over four million passengers annually.

In 2020 KQ was named Africa’s Leading Airline by the World Travel Awards. It continues to modernize its fleet with its 32 aircraft being some of the youngest in Africa.

This includes its flagship B787 Dreamliner aircraft. Kenya Airways services London, Amsterdam, Guangzhou, Sharjah, Mumbai and over 25 intra-Africa routes in addition to its passenger network.

The on-board service is renowned and the lie-flat business class seat on the wide-body aircraft is consistently voted among the world’s top 10.

KQ takes pride in being at the forefront of connecting Africa to the World and the World to Africa through its hub at the new ultra-modern Terminal 1A at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

Kenya Airways Company Fleet Line

Find out the type of aircraft you will be flying in when booking your flight on Kenya-Airways.com. This can be done in the booking confirmation sent to you by e-mail or in your flight details after logging in to Modify booking.

Boeing 787-8 – Dreamliner

Basic Dimensions:
Wing Span 197 ft 2 in (60.1 m)
Overall Length 186 ft (56.7 m)
Tail Height 55 ft 4 in(16.9 m))
Interior Cabin Width 18 ft (5.49 m)
Diameter 19 ft 4 in (5.91 m)

Technical Information:
Number of Aircraft:

GEnx-1B 70/75
thrust per engine @ Sea Level

30 (Premier World)
204 (Economy)

Max. Fuel Capacity
33,524 U.S. gal (126,903 L)

Seat Pitch:
75 inches Premier World
32 inches Economy

Max. Take-off Weight
502,500 lbs
(227,930 kg)

Entertainment System: AVOD Premier World
AVOD Economy

Maximum Range:
7,850 nautical miles
(14,500 km)

Total volume 4,400 cu ft
(124.59 cu m)

Typical Cruise Speed
@ 35,000ft altitude
0.85 Mach

Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800

Technical Information:
Number of Aircraft:

Max thrust per engine @ Sea Level
CFM 56-7B26
26,400 lb

Passenger Capacity:
16 (Premier World)
129 (Economy Class)

Max. Take-off Weight
3174,200 lb (79,015 kg)

Calibration Unit:

Maximum Range:
3,060 nm (5,665 km)

146,300 lb (66,500 kg)

Typical Cruise Speed:
Mach 0.78

93,935 lb (42,698 kg)

Yes – 180mins

1,555 cu ft (44cu m)

Min. Runway Length:
4,000 ft – practical minimum

RVR (Relative Visual Range):
Cat II 100’ DH and 1,200 RVR

Fire Category:
Fire extinguishing system installed in forward and aft lower lobe cargo compartments. System certified for 195 minutes fire suppression (Ref: 0224-000036 – EXTENDED RANGE TWIN ENGINE OPERATIONS (ETOPS). Conforms to FAR 25.857 Class C

ILS Category
Cat II

Kenya Airways Boeing 737-700

Basic dimension:
Wing Span 112 ft 7 in (34.3 m)
With Winglets 117 ft 5 in (35.8 m)
Overall Length 110 ft 4 in (33.6 m)
Tail Height 11 ft 7 in (3.53 m)

Technical Information:
Number of Aircraft:

Max thrust per engine @ Sea Level
26,400 lb

16 (Premier World)
100 (Economy)

Max. Fuel Capacity
6,875 U.S. gal (26,020 L)

Seat Pitch:
40 inches Premier World
32 inches Economy

Max. Take-off Weight
154,500 lb (70,080 kg)

Entertainment System: Full cabin Overhead screens 8 Stereo Music Channels

Maximum Range:
3,365 nautical miles (6,225 km)

966 cu ft (27.3 cu m)

Typical Cruise Speed
@ 35,000ft altitude
0.785 Mach (530 mph)

Kenya Airways Boeing 737-300F

Basic dimension:
Wing Span 94ft 9in (28.9m)
Overall Length 105ft 7in (32.2m)
Tail Height 36ft 6in (11.1m)
Interior Cabin Width 11ft 7in (3.53m)

Technical Information:
Number of Aircraft:

Max thrust per engine @ Sea Level
22,000 lb


Max. Fuel Capacity:
16,157Kg (20,124litres/5,317US gal)

Seat Pitch:

Max. Take-off Weight:
62,822Kg (138,499lb

Entertainment System: N/A

Maximum Range:
2,200nm (4,074km)

Payload: Up to 18,000 KGS

8 pallets position-(88″ x 125″ x 80″)

2 pallets position-(53″ x 88″ x 64″)

Main Desk Use able Volume-3860FT3 (109.3M3)

Lower Desk Use able Volume-973FT3 (27.5M3)

Typical Cruise Speed
@ 35,000ft altitude
0.745 Mach (797km/h)

Kenya Airways Embraer E190

Basic dimension:
Wing Span 28.72m
Overall Length 36.24m
Tail Height 10.57m
Interior Cabin Width 2.74m at armrest level (25in)

Technical Information:
Number of Aircraft:

23,500 lb

12 (Premier World)
84 (Economy)

Max. Take off weight:

Seat Pitch:
38 inches Premier World
31 inches Economy

Maximum Range:

Entertainment System: In-seat individual touch screens

Typical Cruise Speed:
@ 35,000ft altitude
Mach 0.82

GE (General Electric) CF34-10E6

Kenya Airways On Board Configurations

There are 30 business class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration split between two cabins of 18 and 12. I was in seat 2A – a window seat in the forward cabin.

The seat was firm and comfortable, detailed in shades of brown and grey, with excellent legroom and a generous central armrest.

In addition to the usual overhead storage there was plenty of storage in front of me, with separate compartments for a bag and shoes, as well as a water bottle holder beside my elbow.

There were both USB and recessed power ports and a 15.4-inch touchscreen TV.

The seat adjusts easily into a comfortable flat bed, and of course the Dreamliner uses “smart glass” instead of window shades, making for a more natural and gentle adjustment to changes in sunlight.

Kenya Airways Company CHECK-IN

International Check-in
For all international flights, passengers are required to check in at least two and a half hours before departure of flight (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close one hour prior to departure.

Domestic Check-in
Passengers on domestic flights are required to produce some acceptable form of identification at check-in. They are required to check in at least one and a half hours (irrespective of Class of travel). Counters close 30 minutes to departure.

Priority Check-in
Flying Blue Elite members(Gold and Platinum) traveling from Nairobi to any destination can enjoy a smoother journey as Kenya Airways offers priority check in and boarding, lounge access with one guest, among other prestigious rewards!

Remember to always present your Flying Blue card at the counter to automatically register your miles. Request for an upgrade if you have sufficient miles and get the opportunity to enjoy Kenya Airways business class services. Upgrades are applicable only if you hold an economy ticket booked on S, B or M booking class.

Online Check-in
You can now check in online with an e-ticket from 30 hours until 2 hours before departure! Jump the long queues at selected airports and choose your preferred seat then print out your boarding pass at your own convenience.

At the airport, drop off your luggage at the dedicated online check-in drop off point and proceed to the boarding gate. Online Check-in is now leaps and bounds ahead with Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airways Company Baggage Allowance

For passengers traveling from Europe to Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Khartoum, Kigali, Bujumbura, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Kinshasa, and Addis:

Economy Class: 2 pieces, 50 lb/23 kg per piece
Business Class: 2 pieces, 70 lb/32 kg per piece
Maximum Dimensions: 62 linear inches/158 cm (length + width + height)

For all other routes:
Economy Class: 1 piece, 44 lb/20 kg
Business Class: 1 piece, 66 lb/30 kg
Maximum Dimensions: 62 linear inches/158 cm (length + width + height)

For more information, enter your destination and departure cities into Kenya Airways’ baggage allowance chart.

Kenya Airways Overweight Baggage Fees
For passengers traveling from Europe to Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Khartoum, Kigali, Bujumbura, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Kinshasa, and Addis Ababa.

When the weight is more than 23kg but not above 32kg, a charge of €50 (or the equivalent in local currency) applies.
For each extra piece not exceeding the maximum allowed weight and size, a charge of €150 (or the equivalent in local currency) applies.

The new allowances are applicable for tickets issued on or after December 19, 2007.

Bags weighing more than 32 kg will not be accepted.

Kenya Airways Company Routes & Destination

Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Abidjan (ABJ)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Abuja (ABV)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Accra Kotoka (ACC)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Addis Ababa (ADD)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Amsterdam (AMS)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Nampula (APL)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Bangui (BGF)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Bujumbura (BJM)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Bangkok (All Airports) (BKK)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Bamako (BKO)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Blantyre Chileka (BLZ)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Mumbai (BOM)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Brazzaville (BZV)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Guangzhou (CAN)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Cotonou (COO)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Dar Es Salaam (DAR)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport (DKR)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Douala (DLA)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Dubai (All Airports) (DXB)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Dzaoudzi (DZA)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Entebbe (EBB)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Lubumbashi (FBM)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Gaborone (GBE)
Kenya Airways
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) (GFI)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Moroni (HAH)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Hanoi (HAN)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Hong Kong (HKG)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Harare (HRE)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Jeddah (JED)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Djibouti (JIB)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Johannesburg (All Airports) (JNB)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Kilimanjaro (JRO)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Juba (JUB)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Kisumu (KIS)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Khartoum (KRT)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Luanda (LAD)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Lilongwe (LLW)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Lagos (LOS)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Lusaka (LUN)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Livingstone (LVI)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Maputo (MPM)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Malindi (MYD)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Ndola (NLA)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Yaounde Nsimalen (NSI)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Mahe Island (SEZ)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Antananarivo (TNR)
Nairobi (All Airports) (NBO) Zanzibar (ZNZ)

Kenya Airways Company Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Kenya Airways Head Office
Airport North Road, Embakasi
P.O. Box: 19002 – 00501 Nairobi , Kenya
Fax: + 254-20-6422560

Kenya Airways Customer Care
Tel: +254-(0)20- 642 3400
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-3400
Airtel: +254-0734-10-3400

Moi International Airport
P. O. Box 99302 – 80107
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-41-2125529/3505500
Airtel: +254-0734-10-5529/5500
Telcom Wireless: +254 020 3579204
Fax: +254-(0)41-3434676

Kenya Airways United Kingdom Contact
Tel: +44 20 82831800
Passenger Reservations: +44 20  8283 1818

Kenya Airways USA Contact
Tel: 1-866-KENYA AIR (866-536-9224)
Fax: 1-212-279-6602
Email: nyc@kenyaair.net

 Viva Towers 1st Floor
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Ticketing office ( 0830 hrs to 1700 hrs)
Landline: +255 22 216 3917 & 8
+255 683 390008
+255 683 390 009
+255 786 390 005
Ticketing office ( 0900- 2100 hrs ) +255 786 390 003
Airport Operations (24 hrs ) +255 786 390 002





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