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Golden Arrow Bus Fort Mcmurray Phone Number & Fares

Golden Arrow Bus
Golden Arrow Bus

Golden Arrow Bus has been a premier supplier of transportation services in Western Canada for over fifty years. With over 500 units and a dedicated staff of professional operators they are committed to meet your needs.

With their experience they offer tailored solutions that ensure your outcomes are achieved. Their goal is to exceed your expectations for your transportation or equipment requirements.

Being based in Edmonton provides us with opportunities to travel to many extraordinary destinations. With easy access to the Canadian Rockies, to British Columbia, to the Yukon and Alaska, and to the U.S Pacific Northwest, They are ideally located for many tour needs.

Golden Arrow Bus Fleet Line

56 Passengers Coach
Golden Arrow currently has more than 40 coaches equipped with 56 seats that are newer than year 2010.

These coaches are 45 feet long and are either Motor Coach Industries (MCI) J – 4500’s or Prevost H3-45’s.

All of these coaches are equipped with Cat or Detroit 60 Series engines. These engines are very fuel efficient, minimizing the environmental effect of their operation. In fact,

They can achieve 500 “people miles” per gallon of fuel, the best fuel efficiency of any vehicle anywhere.

All of their coaches are equipped with washrooms, air conditioning, a VCR or DVD video system, and a CD or cassette sound system. And, of course, each coach has a public address system.

Chartering services are available with bus sizes ranging from 24 to 72 passengers.

They have the resources to meet the requirements of most groups. School outings, social events, sports events, military troop movements, industrial worker transportation, and much more.

Golden Arrow Bus Service Line

Motor Coaches

Their mountain national parks are a world class attraction with world class facilities to enjoy. They do provide Chattering services and Bus Hire to different groups of people in the community of Canada,

You can travell in style with a fair prices from this company.

Student Transportation
Their buses are available for charter and are used for transportation by various schools and groups for a wide range of events.

Student transportation plays an important role in a child’s education. At Golden Arrow they believe this is an essential part of any school system.

Their staff understands this and excels in ensuring your children arrive safely every day.

With over 400 buses currently in fleet they have the ability to tailor specific transportation solutions that include full turnkey operations to meet your needs.

Industrial Busing
Provide motor coaches and school buses for transporting workers to sites across Alberta, including Fort McMurray.

Every day thousands of employees and contractors in Northern Alberta are transported from their homes, from site based camps, from aerodromes and shuttled around work sites using private coach and bus services companies.

Golden Arrow currently provides such transportation services at five work sites, using 100 school buses and 50 motor coaches to move 1,000 passengers.

These services are supported by a maintenance shop located in Ft. McMurray and a bus wash operation in Ft. McKay.

Golden Arrow Bus Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

Phone: (780) 447-1538
Toll Free: (877) 447-1538
20204 – 111 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5S 2G6

General Inquiries
Phone: (780) 447-1538
(8:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

Fax: (780) 447 – 1228

Golden Arrow Online Booking & Contact


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