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Frey’s Coach Tanga To Arusha & Singida Contacts & Booking

Freys Coach Bus
Freys Coach Bus
¬†Frey’s Coach provides transport services which connects Arusha and Tanga via Moshi, Same and Mombo. This was the first and main route of the company before expanding it’s services to other regions in Tanzania.
The company has relatively morden luxury buses with high quality services, Previously the company was using Scania buses with local assembled bodies. But now they also have Chinise Yutong buses in their routes.
Workers are friendly to passengers and they actually value time. Frey’s Coach promise is to meet customer’s expectation at competitive price, Their buses are of Semi Luxury class with on board entertainment, They also offer soft Drinks and bites to their customers for free.

Frey’s Coach Bus Routes

Tanga To Arusha via Moshi
Tanga To Singida via Moshi
Moshi To Babati via Arusha

Frey’s Coach Offices & Contacts For Enquiry

P.O.Box 6082 Tanga
Main Office – 0674 124 723 Calls/Txt/Whatsapp
0758 333 061, 0784 390 399
Email – freysbus@hugegeneral.com


    • Online Ticket Bado hatujaianzisha lakini waweza piga simu kwenye namba hapo juu kuweza kupata ticket yako mapema.

  1. Hi am from kenya.how much is from arusha to singida.kindly get me on whatsapp 0743 604 013.


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