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Flightlink Tanzania Contacts, Safety Record, Baggage, Fleet

Flightlink Tanzania
Flightlink Tanzania

Flightlink Tanzania is a Tanzanian General Aviation Airline servicing multiple domestic destinations on schedule, personalized charters and Medevac services.

Flightlink holds, an Air Service License (ASL) & Air Operators Certificate (AOC) issued by Tanzanian and Kenyan Civil Aviation Authorities for public transport category.

Awarded No1 (Top mid-sized companies in Tanzania) for 2016/17 by Mwananchi Communication Ltd & KPMG Tanzania and a Runner-up Best Domestic Airline of the Year presented by the Tanzania Leadership Awards for the year 2016.

Flightlink Tanzania hold Air Operators Certificate (AOC) & Air Service License (ASL) and are annually audited for continued certifications by the Civil Aviation Authority of Tanzania – TCAA

Their Head office is located at Sea cliff Village, Masaki, Dar Es Salaam and Operating & Dispatch offices are at Terminal 1, Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salaam, Mbeya, Arusha, and Zanzibar.

Flightlink Tanzania Fleet of Aircraft

Safe and reliable aircraft. Fit for purpose.

Flightlink is a scheduled airline with Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and Air Service License (ASL) granted by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority & Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to conduct Scheduled and Private Charter flights under Public Transport category within the region.

All the aircraft in our fleet are chosen for their excellent safety records and their ability to perform in even in the most hostile conditions, so landing be it in the bush or on tarmac is not at all taxing.

Cessna Citation 560 is a business jet manufactured by Cessna. This type of aircraft has been in operation for over 20 years. Flightlink Tanzania Cessna 560 can also be converted into a Medevac in an hour.
Number of Aircraft 1
Powered by Twin Jet JT15D
Engines Pratt Whitney
Interior Pressurized
No. of Seats 8 Seats
Facilities VIP Club Seating , Lavatory
Other Capabilities Medevac
Cruise Speed 428 KTAS (793kmh, 493mph)
Length 14.91 m
Wingspan 15.90 m
Range 1780nm (3,297km, 2048mi)

This is a mid size aircraft to carry passengers in all weather conditions from larger aiports to small runways. Beechcraft are used for short airstrips and they are equipped to land on grass or rough runways.
Number of Aircraft 1
Powered by Twin Turbo Prop PT6A 658
Engines Pratt & Whitney Engines
Interior Pressurized
No. of Seats 19 Seats
Other Capabilities Bush Landing
Cruise Speed 284 KTAS (526kmh, 327 mph)
Length 17.62 m
Wingspan 17.64 m
Range 1,462 nm (2708km, 1682mi)

Flightlink Tanzania Embraer Brasilia is a 30 seat twin turboprop aircraft. It offers their guests speed and comfort and on board you can expect to find their cabin crew ready to serve your refreshments and assist you with any questions you may have.
Number of Aircraft 2
Powered by Twin Turbo Prop PW-1188
Engines Pratt Whitney Engines
Interior Pressurized
No. of Seats 30 Seats
Facilities Front Galley and Lavatory
Cruise Speed 298 KTAS (552kmh, 343 mph)
Length 20.00 m
Wingspan 19.78 m
Range 945nm (1,750 km, 1,088 mi)

Cessna 208 is a high-wing braced cabin monoplane. Cessna’s Grand Caravan EX was engineered for challenging, rugged missions with high payloads and short, rough runways.
Number of Aircraft 2
Powered by Single Turbo Prop PT6A 114
Engines Pratt Whitney Engines
Interior Non – Pressurized
No. of Seats 13 Seats
Other Capabilities Bush Landing
Cruise Speed 185 KTAS (343 kmh, 213mph)
Length 12.67 m
Wingspan 15.88 m
Range 1,078 nm (1,996 km, 1,240mi)


Flightlink Tanzania Cessna 206 Turbo is one of the most popular aircraft in the world. The Skyhawk is a top performer, showcasing the agility, stability, and durable strength that Cessna is famous for.
Number of Aircraft 1
Powered by Single Turbo Engine
Engines Lycoming TI0540
Interior Non – Pressurized
No. of Seats 5 Seats
Other Capabilities Bush Landing
Cruise Speed 142 KTAS (263 kmh, 163mph)
Length 8.61 m
Wingspan 10.97 m
Range 730 nm (1,352 km, 840 mi)

Flightlink Tanzania Service Line

Flightlink has been in schedule operations for almost 8 years. They are driven by a very simple motive, which can be summed up as, “We’ll get you there”. Their budget domestic flights have appealed to safari travelers across continents. We offer the best rates on domestic flights in Tanzania.

Flightlink connects all major Airlines operating out of Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar to the most exotic safari destinations in Tanzania, be it bush or beach. The fundamental of the company is to easily connect travelers to the domestic destination of their choice.

Flightlink Tanzania has lined up a fleet of 7 aircraft, ranging from piston, turbo prop to jet engine aircraft with a capacity of 5 to 30 passengers. Their objective is to provide our passengers comfort, speed and a safe flight with high standards.

They offer free 20kgs hold and 5kgs carry-on baggage allowance. So that means a stress free flight with your luggage to your destination.

Flight ticket Amendments
Tickets cannot be refunded for no shows, and nor can a ticket be transferred to another passenger. If you need to cancel your flight within 48 hours of departure, a 75% penalty has to be paid. Beyond 48 hours, a 50% penalty is levied on issued tickets.

Flightlink Tanzania Changes are allowed on unissued tickets up to 72 hours of departure on unissued tickets only and a reservation fee of USD25.00 will be charged. On a multi leg ticket, the USD25 will apply to each leg other than the first.

Flying with Children
If you’re flying with children, Flightlink offers special fares. All Children 12 years and younger fly for less than the adult fares:

    Infants (younger than 2 years old):

1st Infant: pays 10% of the price of an adult ticket price.

Subsequent infants: pays 50% of the price of an adult ticket price.

    Children (ages 2 to 12):  pay 80% of the adult fare.

Flightlink Tanzania Popular Destinations

Flightlink serves a range of routes across Tanzania, however, its most popular destinations with the most flights available at least once or twice daily In:

 Arusha,  Dar es Salaam,  Dodoma,  Grumeti, Kogatende,  Lake Manyara,  Lobo, Ndutu, Pemba, Selous, Seronera,  Zanzibar three times a day

Flightlink Office & Contact Details For Enquiry


1st Floor, Oyster Pearl Galleria, Chole Road Masaki, Dar ES Salaam, Tanzania

Tel: +255 782 35 44 48/9

Hotline: +255 782 35 44 50

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Mw Julius Nyerere Int’l Airport

Mobile: +255 782 35 44 48/9

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Station Manager: Abdallah Mawazo

Tel: +255 782 354 448/9

Tel: +255 682 617 533

Arusha Municipal Airport (Arusha Town)

Mobile: +255 68 914 13 56

Email: [email protected]

Station Manager: Josephat

Tel: +255 689 141 356

Tel: +255 752 726 977

Abeid Amani Karume Int’l Airport

Mobile: +255 714 250 537

Email: [email protected]

Station Manager: Hussein Jamaal

Tel: +255 774 747 400



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