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Eurolines UK
Eurolines UK

Eurolines Bus Company UK is an express coach network operating in 25 countries throughout Europe.

The company offers great value daily coach services from Ireland to a wide range of British and European destinations.

Founded in 1985, The company is one of Europe’s biggest coach networks with 29 independent coach companies working under them.

This allows for them to serve over 1000 destinations routes covering the continent as well Morocco. Their most popular destinations include London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Eurolines adapted the decentralized approach and generally, the standards of service vary from one country to the other.

You will surely notice the difference in countries like Yugoslavia currently operated by the Lasta Beograd and the Baltic states under the operation of Lux Express.

This company is the most common method of travel between neighboring European countries.

Eurolines is known for its unique carriage rules. There is this sign at the front of the bus mainly in most international routes displaying the names of the various destinations and several in –between stop points.

If you often arrive at bus station five to eight minutes before departure, you will either miss your reserved seat or the entire journey.

You are required to reach at the bus terminal at least 15 minutes before departure as indicated on the ticket.

Eurolines Bus Company Fleet Line

The entire fleet of the company has less than 5 years and is regularly renewed. All cars offer the comfort bus touring and are equipped with reclining seats and air conditioning.

Their coaches are in the process of being gradually equipped. All of their buses normally has provided toilets for passengers.

During your trip you can stay connected for free thanks to the WiFi network available in some buses.

Electric & USB sockets
Individual sockets to charge your phone, computer or tablet, however it is possible that this is not the case on your journey.

Eurolines Bus Company Service Line

They offers cheap bus services from London and other cities in Britain to German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, and Düsseldorf.

Coach travel from London to Germany is often far cheaper than trains and flying.

Night bus
Board your Eurolines coach, stretch out your seat, watch a movie on your tablet, close your eyes, sleep comfortably settled and wake up when you arrive at your final destination.

It is so easy! With night coaches, reduce your hotel bill and maximize your stay. With them, it is easy to travel by coach during the night all around Europe.

When traveling during the night, you will save a day of transportation as well as money! In addition, you can enjoy free Wi-FIi power plugs, and comfortable seats and reduced fares.

Eurolines Bus Company Discount & Offer

At the company, Each age has a price reduction! You Can Travel at discounted rates as shown below:

Children under 4 years benefit from -50% on most of our lines!
Children from 4 to 25 years old are entitled to discounts ranging from -40% to -80% on some of our lines
Under 26 years old can benefit from -5% on some of our lines
Over 60 years old can also benefit
from -5% on some of you

Eurolines Bus Luggage Policy
With this company, you can carry for free 2 pieces of luggage in the hold (max. 20kg each for a max. total of 40kg) and 1 carry-on (size max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm, weight max. 7kg) on most of our lines (Fees apply on certain lines*).

Extra luggage can be accepted if there is enough space in the hold; fees apply for each additional bag.

Luggage allowances
Luggage in the hold must meet the following requirements:

Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of one luggage must not exceed 170 cm,
Weight: one luggage cannot exceed 20kg

Labels: all luggage must be labelled (last name, first name, telephone number, full address is the passenger’s full address and destination). When boarding, labels will be delivered.

Eurolines Bus Company Top Routes & Average Prices

Paris to Lyon $33
Paris to Bordeaux $39
Lyon to Paris $29
Paris to London $39
London to Paris $33
Strasbourg to Paris $17
Bordeaux to Paris $43
Paris to Brussels $15
Paris to Strasbourg $22
Paris to Lille $8
Paris to Barcelona $63
Brussels to Paris $14
Lille to Paris $6
Paris to Marseille $50
Paris to Amsterdam $26
Marseille to Paris $52
Barcelona to Paris $73
Milan to Paris $69
Paris to Milan $68
Paris to Tours $26
Brussels to Amsterdam $13

Eurolines Bus Offices, Agents & Contact For Enquiry

Brussels Coach Station
CCN,Rue Du Progres,
Vooruitgangstraat 80, North Station
+32 / 2 274 1350

Paris Bus Station, 28
Avenue DuGénéral de Gaulle
9354108 92 89 90 91

Eurolines GERMANY
Berlin Masurenalle 4-6ZOB Hst 4-5
Frankfurt Mannheimer Str.15, 60329
+49 / 69 46 09 27 80

Eurolines (UK)The Colonnades,
London, SW1Call centre
+44 / 08717 818 177

Bus Eireann Bus Station,
Travel Centre, Busarus Store Street,
+353 / 1 8366 111

Barcelona Coach Station de Sants,C/Viriato,
S/N, 08014+34 / 93 490 4000
Madrid Estacion de autobus Méndez Alvaro,Local
+34 / 91 506 3255

Company Bus Timetable

Eurolines Bus Online Booking

Company Bus Tracker


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