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Estrella Blanca Phone Number, Boletos, Envios & Schedule

Estrella Blanca bus.
Estrella Blanca bus.

Estrella Blanca Group was established in 1940 to transport passengers in Mexico, The business was initially started with Pachuca to Querétaro route.

Then It has been transformed since 1949, incorporating and creating the main bus lines in Mexico to offer the widest coverage. Later on the company expanded their services to routes in the Central, West, North and Gulf regions of the Mexican Republic.

Until now, the main mission of Estrella Blanca is to provide an excellent service and stay at the forefront for the benefit of passengers.

Over the years Estrella Blanca grew by adding new partners to the project such as Transportes Chihuahuenses in 1978 and Tres Estrellas de Oro in 1994 and creating new brands such as Turistar in 1989, which offers executive service, and Futura in 1992, which provides a first-class service and is currently the group’s largest brand.

In 2011 the company went a step further by creating its Select service, which has buses equipped with cutting-edge technology for supreme levels of safety and comfort.

Estrella Blanca Mexico Fleet Line

They have a modern, safe and comfortable coaches, Their fleet guarantees a fabulous experience during the journey. Their buses are designed for Long Distance Trips, When You board their buses you will find the following features:

Air Conditioner Facilities
Comfortable Reclining Seats
Overhead Reading Lights
On Board Toilets & Washroom
Multiple Television On Each Side

The company Has three different types of Coaches and below are some details of their classes:

Premium Services
Estrella Blanca Premium Service is comprised of 36 seat fabric covered buses, 4 televisions distributed throughout the bus, and air conditioning, plus W.C.

The Select Services
The Select Service are buses with leather seats, larger, with individual screens, internet on board, snack service when boarding the bus, air conditioning, W.C. exclusive for men and one for women.

The Mix Services
The MIX Service are 32 seat buses with a special configuration; since there are 16 leather front seats with Select service characteristics and 16 fabric seats with First service characteristics.

Estrella Blanca Mexico Service Line

The company provide daily Local Passenger transport services in Mexico as well as Cross Boarder Passenger transportation to United States Of America.

The company is well known for their comfortable, modern and unique buses which are comprised with alot of on board features and services.

Estrella Blanca also transport Parcels to different destinations using their Passenger buses, They Offer a reliable services with an affordable prices for local and cross boarder transit.

Booking Of their Tickets can be made at their offices in every destinations, You can also make a booking of your Tickets online through their website listed below. Their website is only available in Spanish Language.

Estrella Blanca Mexico & USA Routes

Aguascalientes to Guadalajara
Fresnillo to Zacatecas
Guadalajara to Puebla
Manzanillo to Colima
Manzanillo to Guadalajara
Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo
Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey
Pachuca to Northern Mexico
Puebla to Querétaro
Tijuana to Ciudad Juárez
Tijuana – Culiacán
Tijuana – Ensenada
Tijuana to Guadalajara
Tijuana to Tepic

Estrella Blanca Office & Contacts For Enquiry

Email: vive@estrellablanca.com.mx

Interior of the Republic: 800 507 5500
Mexico Federal District: 5729 0807

    Avenida Poniente 140 859 02300 Azcapotzalco

Estrella  Booking, Schedules & Facturation


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