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Dan Bus Tel Aviv Schedule & Customer Service

DAN Bus Company
DAN Bus Company

Dan Bus Company started at 1945 (3 years before the establishment of the state of Israel), but already at 1909 Began operating as a body that provides transportation services to the Jewish community.

The company is a pioneer of operating public transportation in Israel is one of the few economic entities born in the early years of Zionism in Israel.

Their services are provided in the total of 22 local municipalities and for a population of about – 2.5 million people.

The Dan major activity focuses on Gush Dan, which is the main Business cycle and activity center in the country (about 60% of the GNP is produced in Gush Dan).

Dan Bus Company was a cooperative for a few decades, {company owned by its own workers.}.

With the intention to adapt the Organization to changing trends in the field of public transport, and on the basis of the will to become more efficient and to be among the first rank of companies in the services provided to the public,

It was decided at a meeting of Dan’s members (shareholders) to perform a thorough structural change and thorough while making organization company LTD.

This change is valid since May 2002, after receiving the authorities’ approval, and the company is called Dan public transport Company Ltd.

Dan Bus Company Fleet Line

Dan operates modern and comfortable fleet which meet Euro regulations of the EU, These include the new Electricity Bus with zero emission.

Most of their buses are from MAN Bus fabricators for the Urban Passenger transportation with Wheel Chair Accessibility.

Euro Regulations of the EU designed to determine the emission levels allowed for different vehicles, including buses, entered into force gradually over recent years (from the standard “Euro 1” the first in 1992 up to “Euro 6” currently).

Israel has adopted the European standard. Euro standard sets a maximum level of emissions of the following gases: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulates (PM).

Dan Bus Company Service Line

They operate public transport services in Gush Dan metropolitan spaces. Dan buses transport monthly Over 14 million passengers (about 640 thousand per day).

Approximately 10,000 passengers buy tickets every day “Daily pass”, which allows unlimited travel in different cities in the metropolitan area starting at 9:00 in the morning.

Dan Bus works closely with Israel Railways and provides the traveling public a wide range of combined tickets for Dan buses and trains , at discount prices are based on Daily and monthly.

The youth have a discount of 50% using a standard card and senior citizens receive a discount at the same rate on a whole range of tickets. Students enjoy a significant discount of up to 50% of the purchasing card “students” annually.

Most of the amounts of subsidy transferred today to the company are used to cover the fares discounts

Dan Bus Company Loss & Found

The Company makes every effort to return to its customers forgotten items on buses and the company’s facilities and is actively working to restore reality to their owners.

To report the loss, dial * 3456 or 03-6933280.
Exceptional losses will not be returned to the casualties and will automatically be transferred to the Israel Police: weapons, weapons and suspicious materials.

If you find an object during your journey you are requested to draw the attention of the driver or any other employee on behalf of the company.

Submission of the loss to its owner By Dan Bus Company

The loss will be returned to its owners after identifying signs and after it has been proven that it is indeed the owner of the loss.

The loss will be returned only after signing and stating its details such as: full name, ID number. Full address and phone.

Dan Bus Company Customer Service Center

In order to give an available, quick and efficient response to your inquiry, Dan provides you a customer service center.

Their Customer Service Center gives solutions and helps getting from place to place as well as offering a variety of information.

The activity at the center is to the highest standards of telephone customer service and is supported by advanced technological systems.

The Customer Support systems allows Dan a continuous improvement during treatment and response to customer requests, as well as efficiency and professionalism of the hotline.

Dan Bus Company Office & Contact For Enquiry

Customer Service, Call: 03-6394444 or *3456




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