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Benin To Lagos Travel Price By Bus In Naira Money

Benin To Lagos By Road

Benin To Lagos By Road

Is one among the largest and popular business city in Nigeria, A country which located in the Western region of Africa.

Formerly was known as a Capital city of Nigeria before the government decision to move the Capital city to Abuja city for various reasons.

Lagos city is one among the most populated city in Nigeria with approximately number of people reaching 25 Million. This city is the financial centtre of the country and the continent as well.

This city is considered to be the fastest growing area in the country. This make it to have a significant influences in Education, Entertainment, Business, Education, Tourism, Politics, Fashion and Art.

Benin To Lagos By Road

Is one among the popular cities within the Edo State located in Southern area of Nigeria. It is located about 40 Kilometres North of the Benin River.

This city is located about 320 Kilometres by Bus travel from the Lagos city. The city is a centre for Rubber Industry and Palm Oil production in Nigeria.

The native people of Benin City are the Edo who speak the Edo or Bini Language. These people are well known for the Cultural activities especially traditional ceremony.

How Much Is From Benin To Lagos By Road?

There is many options of traveling from Benin city to Lagos city by road. The most used means by many people between these two major cities is by Bus.

Other options includes traveling by Taxi, Motorcycle, private car and shuttle. If one can travel by Bus between these two cities, It will take about 8 hours.

There is no fixed price for travelling between these two cities by bus. Fare keep on changing depending on the type and class of a particular bus. Sometimes the prevailing market situation determine travel prices between the regions.

Traveling from Benin to Lagos by Bus is less expensive compared to travel by Airline companies. Below are some Bus Fare charged on the routes:

Average Bus Fare: Naira 20,000 to 26,000 depending on class of the bus or shuttle.

Which Bus Companies Plies On The Route?

There are so many bus companies offering services on this route. Some operates with regular coaches while other uses Min buses (Shuttles).

Some of these companies includes: ABC Transport, God Is Good Motors, Peace Mass Transit and many other companies. They offer day and night services in 7 days of the week.


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