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West Delta Bus Siwa Schedule, Hotline, Booking

west delta new bus
west delta new bus

West Delta Bus Also known as West And Middle Delta Bus Company is one of the passenger transport companies of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport.

It has been operating since the 1950s as a private sector company and then in 1961 as a subsidiary of one of the Ministry of Transport and then as a public sector company in 1979 and then as a public sector companies In accordance with Law 203 of 1991.

Central Delta Company was incorporated into the West Delta Bus Company as of 16/4/2005. Since then, a large company has doubled with the company’s fleet.

Its lines extend to connect the governorates of Central Delta and West Delta to its breadth and density.

Thus, the new company consolidates and reorganizes its efforts to improve And the variety of services provided to different categories and levels in the passenger transport market.

The company’s lines cover the western sector, And Central Delta in addition to trips between Egypt and Libya and trips to the North Coast

The automated booking service at the main stations in Alexandria, Cairo and Matrouh is now offered through the automated booking system and via the internet.

West Delta Bus Service Line

The company’s premium cars offer many services for flights:
Sightseeing tours to all sights and attractions throughout
Arab Republic of Egypt Regular weekly flights between Alexandria and Libya Tripoli Bani Ghazi

The company offers a special service during The summer.

It operates through the head office in Alexandria and its branches are located in Cairo, Alexandria and Matruh governorates, El-Menoufia, El-Gharbia and Kafr El-Sheikh.

West Delta Bus buses activity also reaches the Red Sea, Sinai and Aswan, and includes passenger transport between provinces, tourist transport and domestic and foreign trips.

The number of the company’s areas: (8) Alexandria – Raml – Damanhour – Cairo – Western – Mahalla El Kubra – Kafr El Sheikh – Menoufia.

Number of branches: (18) 3 branches of the Alexandria area – 10 branches of Damanhour area – 2 branches of the western region –
1 branches of the Cairo area – 2 branches of the Menoufia area.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Cairo to Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh
Cairo To oasis
Cairo To Alexandria

West Delta Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Almaza Sq., Almaza, Cairo

Cairo Gateway (El-Torgoman), 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak, Cairo 0225752157

Abdel Moneim Riad Sq., Downtown, Cairo

1343 Corniche El-Nil,
Shoubra, Cairo
0113085777, 0124550020

Aboud Station, Shoubra, Cairo

West & Middle Delta Bus
5 Mourad St., Giza Sq., Giza
0225759751, 0225795730, 0235706223

El-Qabbary Rd., Moharram Bey, Alexandria
033633993, 039601331

Saad Zaghloul Sq., Raml Station, Alexandria

1 Victor Emanuel St., Semouha, Alexandria
034241727, 034206677, 034271071

Semouha Sq., Sidi Gaber, Alexandria

Landmark: Inside Marakia Touristic Village, Km 51, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd.,
North Coast 033741721, 0101482436

West & Middle Delta Bus
Km 2, Alex. Matrouh Desert Rd., North Coast

Champs Elysees St., Marina 2, Marina, North Coast

Km 106, Cairo Alex Desert Rd., Wadi El-Natroun, El-Beheira

Badr City, El-Beheira

El-Qantara, Downtown, Kafr El-Sheikh

Sadat City Station, Sadat City, El-Monofeya
0482600116, 0482600234

West & Middle Delta Bus
Stations Complex, Shebeen El-Kawm, El-Monofeya
0482318141, 0482262004

Kafr Essam St., Tanta, El-Gharbeya

Souk El-Gomla Station, Tanta, El-Gharbeya


  1. This morning on 28 july we took the 07:00AM bus from Siwa to Alexandria bus at seats 9 and 10. We have changed bus at Marsa Matruh but we have forgotten some belongings on the seats: 2 pillows, 1 scarf, 1 pull, and one towell. We will be some days at Cairo we can come at any office at Cairo to get back, if possible, our belongings. The bus must not already arrived at Alexandria. If you can call the driver…

    Tahnks a lot


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