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Warda Express Online Booking Contact And Timetable

Warda Express

Warda Express Is an intercity coach and bus operator company which offer daily services between Dar es salaam and Mtwara region in the Southern zone.

They offer a reliable and conveniences bus services for travelers and other customers who depend on road transport for their daily routines.

The company has been in the transport Industry for many years and has managed to build a good reputations among customers within and out of the country boarders.

Which Fleet Used By Warda Express?

It is one among the top lading company in the Southern Zone of the country. They own and operates Luxurious buses with various on board amenities.

All of their buses in their Fleet list are Yutong buses which are newly imported from China. These buses comes with the following on board Amenities and services.

2 By 2 Reclining Seats, Air Conditioner, USB Charging Ports, Overhead Reading Light and Luggage Compartment. Other includes Music System, Television, Free WiFi and many More.

Which Services Does WardaExpress Offer?

Warda Express offer daily bus transport between Dar es salaam city and Mtwara region especially in Masasi. They have daily morning and afternoon departures in all station.

Warda offer Passengers as well as Courier transport service for the local and foreigner people in the country. Their buses has comfortabe seats to make travelers feel so good all the way long.

Book your Ticket at their offices located in all bus stations or get in touch with their Agents for Booking and assistance. You can also Book a Ticket by calling Customer services number below.

What Is Warda Express Bus Routes And Timetable?

The following below is the company Bus Route and Schedule.

Dar es salaam To Masasi

Dar es salaam To Lindi

Bus Timetable: 06:00AM and 09:30AM

Bus Fare: Tsh. 38,000

Dar es salaam Loading Bay: Temeke Sudan

Masasi Loading Bay: Masasi Bus Terminal

What Is Warda Express Contact Number?

For Booking, Timetable and Price Inquiries, Please get in touch with them on the Phone Number below.

Call / WhatsApp Number: 0715393926
Call / WhatsApp Number: 0713803531


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