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Wada Chovu Bus Services Lusaka Contacts, Schedule

Wada Chovu Bus

Wada Chovu Bus Services Is a Zambia passenger transport charter with headquarter in Luanshya town in the Copperbelt province near Ndola town.

It is a one among the most respected family owned bus services in Zambia with good reputations from their customers.

They have a modern coaches with a well trained drivers as well as Bus host/hostess who will take care of you from the starting point of your trips to the destinations.

The company has managed to build a well recognized brand among the people in Zambia and neighboring countries.

Wada Chovu Bus Fleet Line

They own a very luxury coaches most of them being a Scania bus models with Marcopolo made bodies of single and double decker and Irizar body maker.

They also have a Chinese Higer bus model, These coaches have 2 by 3 seating arrangement for normal buses and 2 by 2 seating arrangement for luxury and semi luxury buses.

All of their coaches have on board entertainment like Television services on the slim Tv fitted in their buses accompanied with a good music from their on board sound system.

This will give you a smart time and stay awake for almost the whole trip.

Wada Chovu Bus has an A/C services all the way to your destinations while other buses keep A/C off from service. You will enjoy free WiFi on the bus and USB charging system to give your smartphone a superpower.

The Company Service Line

As the biggest bus company in Zambia, The company offer you a daily trip from Luanshya town where their base is located to other major towns and cities in Zambia including Lusaka.

Wada Chovu Bus has daily departure for you in all of their destinations where their buses used to go every day. This services based on Passenger transportation from all the stations with some picking point on the way to their destionation.

Apart from Passenger transport services, They also offer a daily Parcel transportation to all towns and cities where their buses have destinations.

Their parcel services include transportation of small luggage within their buses and some being carried by the pulling trailer.

Wada Chovu Bus Service Routes

Luanshya To Nakonde
Luanshya To Mpongwe
Luanshya To Mpika
Luanshya To Lusaka
Luanshya To Dar Es Salaam
Luanshya To Johannesburg
Solwezi To Lusaka

Wada Chovu Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Luanshya Towns
P.O.BOX 20107 Luanshya

Fax: +260.212.511.765

Phones: +260 96 6904262, +260 95 6994083, +260 96 6904062

Email wada@zamtet.zm


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