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UBZ Bus Lusaka Online Booking Contact And Timetable


UBZ Bus also known as United Bus Company Of Zambia Is the largest transport company in the country that offer daily bus services. Their headquarter located in Lusaka city.

The company was established many years back but ceased it’s operation just after several years of operations. They have resumed it’s operations in 2020 with a modern fleet and new management.

Currently Passengers can travel with this bus company from Lusaka to other regions in the country. Customers has a choice either to have morning or aftnoon departures in all stations.

What Fleet Used By UBZ Bus?

The company back in the Business with a revolutionized fleet of buses to take over the transport Industry. All of their buses are Irizar latest edition powered by Scania machine.

With UBZ, Travelers can enjoy the unique experiences of traveling on the modern buses. These buses comes with custom interior design and amenities like follows.


2 By 2 Reclining Seats, Arm Rest, Extra Legsroom, Air Conditioner, Television And Music System. Other Amenities Are USB Charging Ports, Overhead Reading Lights, Luggage Compartment And On Board Toilet.

What Services Does UBZ Bus Offer?

For Safe and conveniences travel from Lusaka to other cities and towns within the territory of Zambia, UBZ is the answer.  Book your Tickets and have a ride to your destinations.

With this bus company you can travel to various destinations at an affordable prices. You can also access courier services for transporting Parcels and other small luggage to any destination on their routes.

Book your Ticket by visiting their office in all bus station and their private offices out of the stations. You can also have your Ticket by calling customer service numbers listed below this post.

Which Routes Does UBZ Bus Operates?

The following below are the United Bus Company routes with price list:

North Western Routes
Lusaka To Solwezi K370
Lusaka To Chingola K290
Lusaka To Kitwe K255
Lusaka To Ndola K245
Lusaka To Kapiri K225
Lusaka To Kabwe K215

Soutern Province Routes
Lusaka To Mazabuka K250
Lusaka To Monze K270
Lusaka To Chisekese K275
Lusaka To Pemba K280
Lusaka To Muzoka K280
Lusaka To Batoka K285
Lusaka To Choma K285
Lusaka To Mukwela K290
Lusaka To Kalomo K290
Lusaka To Zimba K315
Lusaka To Livingstone K320

UBZ Bus Chipata-Eastern Routes
Lusaka To Chipata K405
Lusaka To Katete K365
Lusaka To Sinda K350
Lusaka To Petauke K340
Lusaka To Nyimba K320
Lusaka To Luangwa K315

Copperbelt Routes
Lusaka To Chililabombwe K320
Lusaka To Chingola K290
Lusaka To Kitwe K295
Lusaka To Ndola K245
Lusaka To Kapiri K225
Lusaka To Kabwe K215

What Is The Company Contact Details?

Below Is The UBZ Buses Office Contact Number For Ticket Booking And Other Inquiries:

Head Office Lusaka

Livingstone To Lusaka
06h30 Bus
10h30 Bus

UBZ Bus Lusaka To Chipata

Lusaka To Livingstone
07h30 Bus
11h00 Bus

Chipata To Lusaka
05h00 Bus

Lusaka To Copperbelt
10h00 Bus

Copperbelt To Lusaka
06h30 From Chililabombwe/chingola




    • Yes, They do have Kitwwe to Lusaka bus, For Timetable please contact their office on Phone numbers listed above.

    • Yes, They do have Ndola To Lusaka bus, Call their office number listed on this post to know their Bus Stop.

  1. What’s the point of putting up a number on the page that goes unanswered? I wanted to get further information concerning your rates and routes but the phone just kept on ringing!

  2. Want to book for tomorrow from lusaka to Ndola 4 seats

    • Currently the company doesn’t have Online Booking Portal, But you may Book your Ticket by calling them on the numbers listed above

  3. What contact number can one get through to ?
    Lusaka to Kitwe bus what time does it depart and where does one buy the ticket.?
    Is there are charge for luggage are there student fares ?

  4. goodmornig.i would like to book for Choma to Lusaka on 13.01.22.how much is the fair. possibly afternoon bus.

  5. Do they have Lusaka to Samfya? How much is both ways?

  6. Where is your station in Kitwe, please also share your active numbers

  7. How much is from Lusaka to chipata and what time is the last bus

  8. Hello,

    Do you have a bus from Livingston via Lusaka Tina Chipata ! ?
    We would like to go to Mzuzu, Malawi.
    How we can book?
    Is there any WhatsApp ?

  9. I want to make a booking for wednesday 01st March 2023 Morning bus to Lusaka from Ndola

    • If any of those fares hasn’t listed above, just call those number listed on this post for assurance


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