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Transline Classic Bus Online Booking Contacts, Fare

Transline Classic
Transline Classic

Transline classic Ltd is a Kenyan Bus Company which located in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Transline classic Ltd was established in the year 2005 and is currently operating with over 50 buses.

Transline Bus Is a Reliable, comfortable and safe travel company which bring about innovations in the Kenyan transport Industry.

The company went on to dominate the Nairobi to Kisii route before venturing into other markets.

Back then, Transline was famed for their professionally run 14 seater PSVs popularly known as shuttles. The introduction of the buses was an afterthought prompted by a directive from the government to phase out the shuttles.



Transline Classic Bus Fleet Line

They have invested much of the capital on Scania Bus models with the Local assembled bodies from Master Fabricator In Kenya.

Since 2005 to the current time they have achieved to bring about more changes to the design and services of their bus line.

Transline Limited buses are equipped with on board entertainment system like Television services, Music System and many more which will give you a comfort way to travel within Kenya.

Their buses are also supplied with charging system to give you access of powering your smartphones while you travel with them. They also fixed a free WiFi for you to enjoy a smart internet while you on the go.

Seating arrangement of Transline is 2 by 2 with enough Legroom for your comfort, Their buses are also fitted with an A/C services to give you fresh and cool weather even thought in the warm regions.



Transline Classic Bus Service Line

With the many different destination points in Kenya and neighboring countries, they will be able to accommodate groups of passengers with their semi luxury air-conditioned buses.

Transline Ltd has established 100 % live bus inventory system that sets them aside from the rest, not just because of the convenience with which you can book your bus tickets.

But also because our 100 % live bus booking inventory system lets you to view and book the precise bus seats of your choice.

What this means is that the Transline Classic seats that you have reserved are confirmed in your name and no one else can book it by mistake at a later stage.

Apart from Passenger Long distance travel, They also engage themselves in courier services by transporting Parcels to all the destinations their buses reach.

They have mini buses and other vehicles which made them easy to transit all the parcels their customers left at their offices.

Transline Classic also play a great roles in shuttle services in Nairobi with other towns in Kenya, They are contributing alot to the tourism Industry in Kenya.



The Company Bus Routes And Fares

Nairobi To Kisii Sh1000
Nirobi To Sirare Via Kisii & Migori Sh1000
Nairobi To Kehancha Via Kisii & Migori Sh1000
Nairobi To Sori Via Kisii-rangwe-Rodi Sh1000
Nairobi To Mbita Via kisii-rangwe-Rodi-H/bay Sh1000
Nairobi To Nyandorere Via Kisumu-siaya Sh1200
Nairobi To Mombasa. Sh1200
Mombasa To Kisii Sh2200
Mombasa To Homabay Via Kisii Sh2200
Mombasa To Migori Via Kisii Sh2200
Mombasa To Nyandorera Via Siaya Sh2200



Transline Classic Office Contacts And Booking Portal

Afya Center Nairobi
Phones: +254710246977
Phones: +254 711 725774
+254 710 246977
[email protected]

Other Phones: +255 725 634 744

0798299931, 0703205657, 0742184693




    • to make proper arrangement & get ticket for your trip, please call those contact number listed on this post. Thank you

  1. Next time if you want to travel, reach Transline office by calling those numbers liste above or click online booking link to get your ticket.

    • Can I get a chance tomorrow to travel from Nairobi to awendo

  2. I need to travel from Nairobi to Sori. How much is it?

  3. I need to travel from katito to Nairobi tomorrow. Is there an available bus?

    • If you want to plan your Journey, Please call company customer support through those numbers listed on this post

      • I need to travel to mombasa from kisii tomorrow. What is the cost and earliest departure?

    • If you want to plan your Journey, Please call company customer support through those numbers listed on this post

  4. Hello? How much is it from nairobi to kendubay? I need to travel on Wednesday

    • An Average bus fare is Ksh. 1200, You can contact bus office customer support through those contact number listed on this post

  5. Hae am nelson fare ni gapi kutoka kakamega to Nairobi plz..

  6. I want to travel from Nairobi to sondu tomorrow how much is the bus fare

  7. I want to travel from Ratang’a to Nairobi on 24th August 2021

  8. I need to travel on Monday can I get the schedule of the bus all be traveling from nairobi to migori please let me get notified through my email as soon as possible

    • To Get Actual Bus Schedule, Please Contact Transline’s Office or Agent ThroughContact Numbers Listed On This Post

  9. I want to travel from Eldoret to kisii tomorrow,, how much is the fare?

  10. Hey. How much do you charge to ferry solar panel from kisii to nairobi?

  11. How much do it cost from Nairobi to awendo… I want to travel tomorrow please

  12. Hi, give me an active number to call. I want to send some mzigo to Kisii. Kindly send or call asap. 0772164256

  13. Hi,
    I want to travel to Bungoma on 17th December, 2021 using your vehicles. Is there an online booking? And how much is the fare?


  14. The current fare from Nairobi to nandi hills
    And from Nairobi to nakuru

  15. May I know whether you have a parcel delivery office at Kitengela

  16. Pls may I know if a can get a seat on Thu 16/12/21 frm Msa to ksi. How much is the fare? Pls give me a booking no I send money. Regards. Victor 0722398115

    • To get a seat on that date, Please contact Transline office directly through contact numbers listed above on this post.

  17. Hello,
    How much is the transportation cost from Migori to Nairobi ? I need to travel to to Nairobi on Monday next week.

  18. Hello,
    How much is the transportation cost from Migori to Nairobi?

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  19. From Nairobi to Bondo is how much on 24th December 2021

  20. I have already booked for a seat online and have paid for it but you have not given me my ticket . How can you assist me

  21. Is there available bus from Nairobi to sori for Friday, and how much is the fare


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