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Tawakal Bus Mombasa To Dar es salaam Booking Contacts

Pwani Tawakal Mini Coach
Pwani Tawakal Mini Coach

Tawakal Bus Services Is an Express East African Bus Company which serve passengers between Kenya and Tanzania. It has always been their philosophy to have a successful transportation company, there are 3 basic rules:
1.Provide a reliable service
2.Have safe courteous drivers
3.Have clean, comfortable Vehicles

General Information
The Luxury, Faster, Safer and Environmentally Friendly Bus Company. When you travel with us you enjoy the “classic” service of Pwani Tawakal Mini Coach.

Their employees are committed to service and customer satisfaction. Let their professional, uniformed drivers help you with your luggage and transport you quickly and safely to your destination.

It has always been our philosophy that to have a successful transportation company.

Tawakal Bus Fleet Line

The company features a latest and modern bus model from their Local Fabricators in Kenya as well as those imported buses from China. They do have Isuzu and Kinglong buses in their list for a comfort Long distance travel between Kenya and Tanzania.

Their buses are designed to give you a good memorable trips who you have chosen to travel in styles with them. They have two classes on their Coaches, The VIP Class that take place on the front party of the bus and Business Class that come after the first class.

Most of their Buses features the following Amenities as well as services from their Host/Hostess:

2 By 2 & 2 By 1 Reclining Seats
Enough Legrooms For Your Comfort
Arm Rest On Every Seat
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Good Sound System For Music & Listening
Overhead Reading Lights
Air Conditioning Services With Self Controlling Devices
Free On Board Drinks & Snacks
Free WiFi Services

Pwani Tawakal Service Line

Tawakal Bus offer daily Long Distance bus services in Kenya towns and cities with a Base Line in Mombasa city. They have daily morning to evening departures in all destinations in Kenya.

The services include Passenger transfer as well as Parcel transfer to all destinations at an affordable fares and prices to all of their customers.

Their services include the Cross Boarder trips from Mombasa Kenya To Dar es salaam Tanzania via Tanga city. This route has only a morning departures for both destinations.

The Company Local And Cross Boarder Routes

Dar es salaam To Mombasa via Tanga
Mombasa To Malindi
Mombasa To Lamu
Mombasa To Tanga

Tawakal Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Tawakal Booking Offices

Mombasa – Kenya,
Phone: +254 708 599 995

Call their office at any time!

Email: [email protected]

Dar es salaam – +255 715 422 550
Tanga – +255 713 422 540
Mombasa – +254 722 550 111
Lamu – +254 0424 633 380
Malindi – +254 705 090 122




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