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Super Feo Bus Dar To Songea Online Booking Contacts

Super Feo.
Super Feo.

Super Feo Bus Is a Passenger Services Intercity Bus Company based in Songea region, The Southern party of Tanzania.

They are in the transport Industry for more than 20 years and they have achieved to build a good brand among customers who are always used to travel to Southern zone.

The company provide daily Passenger transfer services to different regions of Tanzania with the main depot being in Songea.

They do transfer their Passengers to the Capital Business City Dar es salaam, Central Zone regions as well as Southern Highland regions.

They have a morning scheduled departure at all terminal with a pick up services at some towns where their buses used to have stop point or where their agents have offices.

  Super Feo Express Fleet Line

Once Upon a time before the Chinese Invasion To the Tanzania’s Transport Industry, The Company was using Scania and Nissan Ud bus models with locally assembled body from Kenya.

But in the recent years they have undergone a massive innovation by re-investing in a Chinese bus models.

The company now own and operates Chinese Higer and Yutong buses, All of these buses are latest model with custom design. They also added Scania Marcopolo buses, G7 series.

Super Feo Bus company has Luxury and Semi Luxury coaches according To LATRA, An authorized regulatory body for Land transport in Tanzania. All Of their Latest Buses Features The following Services and on board refreshment:

7 Slim Television On Each Side Of The Bus
Good and Modern Sound System For Listening & Music
Free WiFi Services On The Bus
USB Charging System On Each Seats
2 by 2 and 2 BY 1 recleaning Seats
A/C Services All The Way Long
Free Soft Drinks & Snacks On The Bus

Super Feo Express Service Line

Super Feo Bus provide Passenger transfer services from Ruvuma region to other parties or region in Tanzania. They have daily morning departure in all regions and their customers may get assistance from their agents.

Booking of Tickets can be made directly at their offices or their agents or even online by making a call to them with those phone numbers listed below at the end of this post.

You can book in advance for the expected trip or at the time when you are ready to go. They also transfer Parcels to all regions where their buses used to go with an affordable prices.

Your Parcels can be posted at their offices or to their agents who are officially there from the company.

Super Feo Express Bus Routes

Super Feo Bus Has The Following Routes:
Songea To Dar es salaam via Morogoro
Songea To Dar es salaam via Lindi
Mbinga To Dar es salaam
Songea To Iringa
Songea To Mbeya
Songea To Njombe
Masasi To Iringa Via Songea
Mbinga To Mbeya
Mbinga To Njombe
Songea To Mbinga
Songea To Dodoma Via Iringa
Tunduru To Mbeya

Super Feo Express Office Contacts For Enquiry

Super Feo Bus
P.O. Box 301, Ruvuma
Phone: 0754 468 422Brand Manager
+255 755 – 198 935  – FRANCIS .A. SENGO
+255 653 – 198 935 – FRANCIS .A. SENGO
Email: superfeo0@gmail.com

Booking Services
Dar +255-657571820
Songea +255 658 228384
Whatsapp picha +255-715 225393
Agent +255 628 872 496

MBEYA–0717-704 890.
IRINGA–0757-086 586.
DSM K,KOO–0657-571 820.

Super Feo Bus Interior Seats


  1. I want to book one Ticket tomorrow, I’am coming from Bukoba to Dodoma, Then I want a Ticket from Dodoma To Songea.

  2. Big up to Superfeo bus company, If you have opened a new route to Mwanza, But we will appreciate if you will reach us in Katavi and Bukoba


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