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STC Bus Accra To Abidjan Fares, Booking, Schedule

Intercity STC Coaches
Intercity STC Coaches

STC Bus also known as (iSTC) Intercity Bus began in 1909 as a Government Transport Department to cater for the needs of the central Government.

In 1965, it was made a body corporate by Legislative Instrument (L.I) number 414 of 9th March 1965 to run commercial passenger services and was then called the State Transport Corporation (STC).

In January 1968, the Government also created a haulage division to cater for the haulage of both dry and wet cargo. This was also handed over to STC Bus to manage as a bulk haulage division, to function alongside the passenger division.

The company was later incorporated in June 1995 as a Limited Liability Company under Ghana’s Companies Act, 1962, (Act 179) in the name,

State Transport Company Limited. Over the years, the company has gone through changes and is now known as the Intercity STC Coaches Limited since 2003 October.

Intercity STC Bus Service Line

Intercity STC coaches limited has both domestic and international bus services to various cities in Ghana and some West African cities such as Abidjan, Cotonou Etc.

STC Domestic and International Operations
Their stations are located in the regional capitals and cities of Ghana

Their international stations are located in these countries : Cote D’lvoire, Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo. Niger and Nigeria will be operational soon.

STC Bus Student Transport Services
School transport has been one of the core corporate functions. They offer bus services to schools i.e. Universities, Polytechnics, Junior and Senior high schools.

STC Package And Parcel Express
The Package / Parcel Express targets all corporate bodies that require rapid delivery of large, medium and small parcels to destinations in and around the company’s service stations.

This includes major courier companies, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, financial institutions, security services, Government ministries, automobile companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals.

The Company Safety Line

A success factor which is associated with STC Bus is the bus safety record achieved by their drivers since the company was reestablished just after Ghana gained political independence.

The excellent safety record of the company’s buses on the road has been the key factor of making many customers to make ISTC the preferred choice when they wish to travel. Their drivers have been one of the best in Africa.

Intercity STC Bus Local And International Routes

Destination      Fare (GHC)        Schedule

ACCRA (ACHIMOTA) – KUMASI (ADUM) 45/40 6:45 am

Accra – Tamale 110.00 7:30am & 3:20pm

Accra – Kumasi 45 3:20pm

Accra to Bolga 125 3:20pm

Accra to Navorongo 130 3:20pm

Accra to Paga 130 3:20pm

Accra to Wa 105 4:30pm

Accra to Nandom 120 4:30pm

Aflao – accra 32 4:00am

Aflao – Elubo 190.00 4:00pm

Aflao to Abidjan 280.00 4:00pm

Berekum – Kumasi 20 8:00pm

Berekum – Accra 57.00 8:00pm


Bunso – Kumasi 45 6:50am

Bunso – Accra 50 7:10am

Bunso to Tamale 110 9:45am

Bunso to Bolga 125.00 4:47pm

Bunso to Navrongo 130.00 4:47pm

Bunso to Paga 130.00 4:47pm

Bunso to Wa 105.00 7:00pm

Bunso to Dormaa 60.00 11:30pm

Ho to Accra 29 3:30am

Sunayani – Kumasi 18 4:00am

Cape Coast to Abidjan 200 12:10am

Cape Coast to Accra 33 8:30am

Cape Coast to Tema 38 8:30am

Cape Coast to Takoradi 20.00 9:30am

Cape Coast to Kumasi 44.00 10:00am

Intercity STC Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Head Office Accra Main
No. 1 Ajuma Crecent
opposite Awudome Cemetery
TEL :0557943605 / 0557943606
0573100375 / 0573100398
P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road
West Industrial Area,Accra

Kumasi Station
Oforikrom Terminal
Workshop and Administration
Adum Terminal
in the central Business District of Kumasi
TEL :0557943607 / 0573100383 / 0573100390

STC Bus Tudu Station
Located in the heart of the Accra central business
district right opposite the kimbu senior high school
TEL: 0573100340

Achimota Station
Located at the New Achimota Lorry Park
TEL : 0245376833 / 05771443799

STC Bus Customer Services Numbers
Excellent Customer Services



STC Bus Booking, Fares, Timetable And Departures

For Booking Contact the above provided means of communications,

But You Can also have Online Booking by Clicking Here.

For Departures, Schedules, Fares Details and time, Just follow this link.


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