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SR Classic Coach Online Booking Contacts, Office

Classic Coach

SR Classic Coach Is an international bus company which operates mainly in the Central and Eastern parties of Africa.

This is a leading international bus operator in the countries like Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda with their Head Office in Lubumbashi City in Congo.
The company was established in 2011 with the main focus of making easy movement of People and Goods within the Central And East Africa.
SR Classic Coach is providing Safe, Comfortable and Reliable means of Transport in those regions at any affordable and fair prices to all people.

They provide direct travel services of people and goods from one country to another with a stops and terminal in each major towns and cities of the respective countries.

SR Classic Coach Fleet Line

The company has a large number of Buses which meets an International standard to serve people and goods across the Central and East Africa countries. Most of their buses are Scania, Nissan UD and few of them are MAN and Chinese Yutong.

Their buses are designed to give you a comfort and safe travel during your Long Distance trip from one country to another or even when you have a city to city trips.
Some of their luxury buses offer free WiFi, Power Outlets, AC Services, Panoramic Windows and a green alternative way to travel.Meticulously maintained with professional drivers at the wheel, when you travel with SR Classic Coach, you will be riding in comfort and confidence.

In general when You will choose to travel with this company buses, You will enjoy the following on board features:

Television Services From A Large LCD Screen
Music From A Good Sound System
2 By 2 Reclining Seat With Enough LLegroom
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Free Drinks On Some Of Their Buses

The Company Service Line

SR Classic Coach offers city to city bus tickets at low prices for your travel around the Eastern and Central parties of  Africa, all bookable from your computer or smartphone.

Their system works beyond their low price bus tickets and easy travel, Customers keep coming back for their well connected Africa transportation network and great bus service from the moment you book to when you arrive safely and quickly at your destination.

The company model was designed with the customer in mind, and They can’t wait to hit the road with you!.

SR Classic Coach provide affordable and reliable bus services, offering the highest level of comfort and safety. You can be assured of a great experience and overall satisfaction when you choose their buses.

Their professional staff and fleet of clean, comfortable, well maintained wheelchair accessible, state of the art buses enable then to provide you with the dependable, quality service you deserve, no matter if your journey is cross country or a mere few cities away!

The company also are very popular for Goods and Parcels transportation in these regions at an affordable prices depending on the size your Goods or Parcels.

SR Classic Coach Bus Routes

Dar es salaam To  Lubumbashi
Dar es salaam To  Lusaka
Dar es salaam To Harare
Nairobi To Kampala
Kamapa To Lusaka Via Tunduma
Kampala To Lubumbashi
Dar es salaam To Bujumbura
Dar es salaam To Kampala

SR Classic Coach Office Contacts For Enquiry

Dar es salaam, Ilala, Lindi and Iringa Street

🇹🇿 +255682756699
🇨🇩 +243826038458
🇺🇬 +256779919506
🇿🇼 +26377477463
🇧🇮 +25779303094


  1. I am looking for a bus from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, Kenya on the 5th of December, 2021.
    What time does it leave and when does it arrive in Nairobi? Is there any stop/sleepover on the way?

    • To Know Bus Timetable & Make A Booking Of Your Ticket, Please Contact Classic Coach’s Office Through Contact Number Listed On This Post For Help.

  2. Goodmorning and win today.i hope you are doing well by the grace of God.i would like to travel from lusaka to Kampala by bus.how much is the ticket and I need information of the bus calenda.

  3. Bjr je suis à Nairobi, j’expédie mes colis vers Lubumbashi. Comment est l’itinéraire de bus jusqu’à la destination donc Lubumbashi. Parceque je vois que le colis prend beaucoup de jours arrivé. Donc il faut au moins 2 semaines.

  4. How much does it cost to travel from Kampala to Lusaka, thanks in advance

  5. Hallo, am looking for transport services from Nairobi to Dar-es-Salaam to move some packages.
    Kinly advise.
    Thank you.

    • You may travel with this Bus company, they are good indeed, Contact them on numbers listed above to get your Ticket.

  6. hi, how much is a coach from nairobi to dar in kenyani shillings?
    my contact is 0741870988


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