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SATAS Bus Agadir To Marrakech Telephone & Horaire

satas bus transport
satas bus transport

SATAS Satcoma Voyageurs bus company Is among the best Passenger transportation company which provide daily services from the Urban areas to the rural areas of Morocco territory.

It does go to some of the more remote places in the south of Morocco, namely the dessert regions like Zagoura while the other companies don’t venture there.

It also offers similar services in between some of the smaller villages as well.

Satas has daily departures to the following destinations: Agadir (Dh100, eight hours), Goulimime (Dh102, five hours), Marrakesh (Dh170, 10 hours), Taroudannt (Dh60, five hours), Tiznit (Dh80, 6½ hours) and Zagora (Dh92, eight hours).

Satcoma Satas Voyageurs Bus National Lines

Satcoma Voyageurs makes you travel around Morocco and guaranties you all the comfort, well being, security and quality of a superior service when you choose to travel with them.

On their bus lines, you will travel comfortably and in total security in the best equipped buses in Morocco. High quality service, punctuality and consistency over time is what we promise you.

Satcoma Satas Voyageurs Bus Route

Marrakech To Agadir
Marrakech To Inzegane
Marrakech To Casablanca
Marrakech To Laayoune
Marrakech To Laayoune Port
Marrakech To Guelmin
Marrakech To Tan Tan
Marrakech To Bouizakarne
Marrakech To Tiznit
Marrakech To Ouarzazate
Marrakech To Essaouira
Marrakech To Tafraout

Satcoma Satas Voyageurs Bus Offices & Contact Numbers For Enquiry

Address: 39 Bachir El Ibrahimi Street
Ex Quinconces 20303, Casablanca.
Landline phone: 0522 44 12 28
FAX: 022 44 12 75
E-mail: satcoma@menara.ma

Souk Lakhmiss – TIKIOUINE
05 28 28 42 52
05 28 28 42 52

Av Bouabid, Hay Massira II – DAKHLA
05 28 93 03 33

Satcoma Satas Voyageurs Bus
11, Mechouar Square – TIZNIT
05 28 86 32 16
05 28 86 32 16

Contact information
Phone. 0528 242 007
Tel. 0528 240 193
Fax 0528 240 197


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