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Palmers Coach Mombasa Online Booking Contacts, Price

Palmers Coaches
Palmers Coaches

Palmers Coach is one among the coolest fast risen passenger transport company in Kenya. This is among the Buscar EA Ltd sacco that comprises of different bus companies among Buscar and Mombasa Raha.

Since it’s beginning, Palmers Coach managed to create brand awareness among the travelers in Kenya.

They are providing the best services to their customers and in a short period of time they have established online booking to make it easier for passengers to book their tickets.

Palmers Coach Bus Company Fleet Line

The Palmer Chinese Yutong is one among the coolest Chinese machines. Its exterior is so attractive to the eye one of the greatest key to win travelers.

The interior is well set with the VIP red carpet because travelers are always king and require the kings carpet while aboard.

They also have Scania Bus Model with Locally assembled bodies in Kenya By Master Fabricator. They are nice buses as well as they are designed to meet the travelers demand.

Palmers Coach has well furnished VIP seats that are huge and comfortable with leg rest and reclining seats. It also has enough legroom for extra comfortability while traveling the VIP way.

The normal class which can be categorize as Business class is awesome with enough legroom and reclining seats. The bus has a fully working air condition system multiple TV screen for maximum entertainment.

Palmers Coach also is equipped with CCTV cameras for maximum security of the travelers onboard. Their buses also featured with USB charging ports that are located just beneath the seats which will give your phones a full time power.

To travel with Palmer bus visit any Palmer office near you and make your booking to Nairobi-Mombasa at around Ksh.1800 for VIP and around Ksh.1200 for the normal/Business seats.

The Company Service Line

Palmers Coach is a Passenger Transport Charter between Nairobi and Mombasa cities.

They also have other destinations in other major cities and towns in Kenya with daily departure on different times. Passengers can book in advance through their online booking services or by visiting their booking offices.

They also transport parcels to all the destinations where their buses reach, Their prices are fair to all people to acquire their services.

Palmers Coach Office Contacts For Enquiry

Mombasa Offices
Phone Number: 0707559401

Palmers Coaches seat


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