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Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Mikoani, Daladala 2022 PDF

Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi

Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi LATRA
The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) is a Government Regulatory Authority established by the Act of Parliament No. 3 of 2019. The Act repelled the act of the former regulator, Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA).

The Authority is set to regulate the land transport sectors particularly, transportation of goods and passengers (commuter buses, intercity buses, goods carrying vehicles, taxis, motorcycles and try cycles), railways and cable transport.

LATRA has its Head Office in Dar es Salaam and has regional offices in all twenty-six (26) regions of Mainland Tanzania.
Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi

Transport is an indispensable service and a vital determinant of the level of development in any society. Advancement in transportation reflects changes in the way of living, civilizations and economic development.

In this era, the application of advanced technologies revolutionizes various sectors, transport included, LATRA facilitates application of such technologies as a solution to challenges in the transport sector.

This is done through the involvement of stakeholders, public and private partners. One of the notable successes is the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).
Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi

The system has been in operation for three years and has demonstrated remarkable results in saving lives and properties. LATRA shall continue to spearhead the use of technology to address transportation challenges.

Nauli Za Mabasi Na Daladala LATRA

Functions of The Authority
Section 5 of The Land Transport Regulatory Authority Act No. 3 of 2019 has identified LATRA functions as follows;

(a) to perform the functions conferred on the Authority by sector legislation;

(b) to issue, renew and cancel permits or licences;

(c) subject to sector legislation to-

(i) establish standards for regulated goods and regulated services;

(ii) establish standards for the terms and conditions of supply of the regulated goods and services; and
Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi

(iii) regulate rates and charges;

(d) to coordinate land transport safety activities;

(e) to register crew and certify drivers of regulated sector;

(f) to certify worthiness of rolling stock and road worthiness of public service vehicles and goods vehicles;

(g) to monitor the performance of the regulated sectors including-

(i) levels of investment;

(ii) availability of safe, quality and standards of services;

(iii) cost of services;

(iv) efficiency of production and distribution of services; and

(v) other matters relevant to the Authority;
Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi

(h) to facilitate resolution of complaints and disputes;

(i) to disseminate information about matters relevant to the functions of the Authority;


(j) to consult with other regulatory authorities or bodies or institutions discharging functions similar to those of the Authority in Mainland Tanzania or elsewhere; and

(k) to perform such other functions as may be conferred on the Authority by this Act or any other law


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