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Mulovhedzi Bus Service Contact Number, Prices

Mulovhedzi Bus Service

Mulovhedzi Bus Service popular known as Mulovhedzi Transport Services (MTS) Is a commuter transportation company that provide daily services to the people of South Africa.

With it’s Headquarter in Johannesburg, The company offer daily services to various towns within the country at an affordable prices to all kind of people.

The company has a various types of buses, Coaches and mini buses for the short and long distance travel. Either for public or private safari, all types of fleet are available for you.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Fleet Line

The company fleet includes different types of buses, coaches and mini buses powered by different kind of machine like MAN, Mercedes Benz and Scania.

All of these fleet are available for different uses starting from Public to private uses and has a different interior design depending on the need of a particular group.

Some features on their fleet includes 2 By 2 Reclining and Non Reclining Seats, Air Conditioner, Overhead Reading Lights And Luggage Compartment.

Other features are Audio Visual For Entertainment, USB Charging Ports and many more.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Line

For safe and reliable transport from the Business city of Johannesburg to other places within South Africa, This bus company is a perfect choice for you.

You can choose to travel with this bus company for Public or Private uses at any time, You can make a Quotation or Booking at their offices located in many places.

Also Booking are available by calling their Customer Care line listed below this post, For any inquiry or assistance related to travel issues just call them.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Mulovhedzi Bus Service offer daily transfer from Johannesburg and nearby places to other towns within the republic of South Africa at an affordable prices.

Full Bus routes and their Timetable will be updated here once has confirmed.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Office Contacts For Enquiry

For Booking And Quotations Just Call these numbers below:
+27 83 487 2085
+27 71 683 5436


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