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Moud Bus Contact Number For Online Booking

Moud Bus

Moud Bus Express Is a Tanga based transportation company that offer a daily Passengers and Parcels transfer services from the business city of Dar es salaam.

The company has a direct routes from Dar es salaam to Tanga as well as to Daluni within the region at an affordable Bus fare and Parcel charges.

They offer a reliable services with their modern buses, They offer a Pick up services to all most major stops along their route just after you have made a Booking.

Moud Bus Company Fleet Line

It is one among the best companies on the the Tanga to Dar es salaam route which own and operates Luxurious buses from the major Fabricators.

The company has a variety of Bus brand in their list including the latest Yutong buses, Golden Dragon and other Chinese model to provide a reliable services.

Their Buses come with modern on board features like; 2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom, Air Conditioner With Individual Control Panel, Audio Visual For Entertainment nd Announcement.

Other Features are Overhead Luggage Compartment, Reading Lights And USB Charging Ports.

Moud Bus Company Service Line

With this company You can have a safe travel between Dar es salaam and Tanga cities at any time you have Booked a Ticket at their offices or Online by giving them a Call.

The company offer both Passengers and Parcels transportation services, They have a Morning, Afternoon and Evening departures in all bus bus terminals.

Parcel are charged depending on the nature and size respectively, Passenger fare are fixed depending on the destination and types of the bus you have boarded.

The Company Bus Routes

Moud Bus Company operates two major routes from the business city of Dar es salaam.

Dar es salaam To Tanga
Dar es salaam To Daluni

Moud Express Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Tanga Barabara ya 11, Tanga Barabara ya 16
Taifa Dar es salaam, Buguruni Dar es salaam, Magomeni Mwembe Chai

Call / WhatsApp 0766 066 990

Email: moudbus22@gmail.com

Moud Bus Express


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