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Mosmat Luxury Coaches Johannesburg To Giyani Prices

Mosmat Luxury Coaches.
Mosmat Luxury Coaches.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches is a bus company based in Limpopo province. The company was estabilished in 2002.

Their buses make daily within South African Territory as a public transport and they are also available for private hire for various purpose.

It Is one among the biggest bus company in Limpopo which is highly respected for the good services to it’s passengers.

Their buses are available for all 7 days of the week within all routes which they have established their services.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Fleet Line

They have invested much in modern luxury coaches to make all trips to their customers are safe and comfortable to them. Their coaches undergo scheduled maintenance to make those fleet safe for traveling the long trips.

They are using Scania buses with Marcopolo assembled bodies as well as Irizar bodies, Some of them with Local assembled bodies. Some of these coaches have 2 by 3 seating configurations and others have 2 by 2 seating configurations.

Their seats are reclining, And also their buses have an A/C services throughout the trips.

Entertainment is available on Mosmat Luxury Coaches, and you will enjoy Television services, music and many more. Their buses have WiFi services for their passengers to enjoy free internet all the way long.

Mosmat Bus Company Service Line

The company is based on Public Transport in the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

They provide daily transport services to their passengers to and from various destinations with those provinces and neighboring towns and cities.

They also offer a special hire to their passengers with special needs ot traveling to their best destinations.

Their buses are available for Group tours within South Africa, Hiring for special groups like Workers, Schools, Universities, Churches and many other groups.

Mosmat Luxury Coaches Routes

Malamulele To Gauteng
Chiawelo station To Malamulele
Chiawelo To Polokwane.
Malamulele To Soweto
Orlando stationo To Malamuleleo
Orlando stationo  To landelelana
Tshiawelo To Malamulele
Limpopo To Gauteng
Soweto To Limpopo

Mosmat Bus Contact Number For Enquiry

Mosmat Luxury Coaches
House No 2056 Lenyenye Township Limpopo 0857

+27 83 2775227
+27 83 8780431
+27 83 8780 431
WhatsApp  +27 83 2275772

Email: mosmatcoaches@ymail.com

Mosmat Luxury Coaches..


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