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Midbank Bus Services Booking Contact Number And Prices

Midbank Bus
Midbank Bus
Midbank Bus Services Is a member in a Group of companies consists out of the following companies: Midbank Bus Services (Pty) Ltd, Thembalethu Bus Services (Pty) Ltd, F&I Services (Pty) Ltd and Midbank Ezokuthutha Services (Pty) Ltd.

Midbank Bus Services was established 1992 in the Witbank area with a depot at the Ferrobank Industrial area in Witbank.

Their Group is unique in that they specialize less in general commuter services for individual passengers, and more in transport solutions that are tailor-made for large companies. This means that they render a sought-after, niche service in the bus transport sector, making it easy and convenient for companies to take care of transport on behalf of their employees.

What Services Does Midbank Bus Offer?

The services provided by the Group are diverse and cater for the following:Special Services (Private Hires)
This includes organised and private parties, such as sports events, educational activities, recreational and social events, and funerals.Luxury Bus Services
They offer bus services to events of any kind, including weddings.

Commuter Services
Urban and rural services for passengers who are partially subsidised by Provincial Government
Mostly for commercial, industrial and domestic workers

Contract Services
Contracts with major employers for the conveyance of their employees. No subsidies are involved
Mostly large industrial firms and mines

Social Services
Urban and rural areas, Scholar services, Pensioner and disabled services, Hospital/clinic services, Shopper services

Worker Service
Urban and rural services, Passengers are partially subsidised by Provincial Government, Mostly for commercial, industrial and domestic workers

Where Does Midbank Coach Operates?

Mainly Midbank Bus operates in the following 3 provinces:
North West
LimpopoThey have operations in the following specific areas:
Witbank (Main Depot)
KrielThe total operation, maintenance and administration functions are controlled from a depot that is situated in Witbank (Ferrobank). The well-designed and neat depot is more than adequate for the current number of buses.

Midbank Bus Services Fleets

Their bus fleet consists of the following types of vehicles:    Articulated Buses (Train Buses)
Rigid 60 – 65 Seaters
Midi Buses (22 – 40)
10 Seaters
Smaller Vehicles for a Variety of Services

What Is Midbank Bus Contact Details?

For Booking and Reservation, Please Call The Following Contact Number:
Address: 3 Newton Road, Ferrobank, Witbank, South Africa
Postal: P.O. Box 906, Witbank, 1035
Phone: Click to view number
Fax: (013) 699 8027
Email: marketing@midbank.co.zaBRITS / LONMIN DEPOT
Phone: Click to view number
Fax: 086 618 9380
Email: marketing@midbank.co.zaSTEELPOORT DEPOT
Phone: Click to view number
Fax: 086 618 9380
Email: marketing@midbank.co.za

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