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Mavumisa Trans Bus Contact Number, Timetable And Prices

Mavumisa Trans Bus

Mavumisa Trans Is a South African bus company that provide daily long distance travel among cities and town in the country. They are also available for private hire.

Among other, the company offer both economy and business class bus services to the people of South Africa and neighbor countries. Both can enjoy the ride at an affordable rates.

The company has been in the transport Industry for years and has managed to build a well reputed brand in the Southern Africa. Book your Ticket and try their services.

What Fleet Used By Mavumisa Trans?

They have a modern and latest fleet of buses in their list. Most of these buses are Scania Marcopolo and Higer touring ranked in Economy and business class.

All of their Fleet are newly imported and they are secured with Premium Insurance cover to protect the company as well as Passengers live and status.

These buses comes with 2 By 2 Reclining Seats, 2 By 3 For economy Class, Air Conditioner, USB Charging Ports, Television and Music System.

Other features are Overhead Reading Lights, Luggage Compartment and many more.

What Services Does Mavumisa Trans Offer?

They offer a reliable bus transport between Western Cape, Cape Town and Eastern Cape respectively. Their buses are available for Morning and Afternoon departures in all station.

You can Book your Tickets at their office in all bus station on their routes. Bus reservation is also available for private Hire by the group of people or even Individual.

They also offer courier services by sending small luggage and parcels to different destination at an affordable prices. Contact them now and have your ride.

Which Routes Does Mavumisa Trans Operates?

They offer a reliable bus services on the routes between Cape Town, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The following are their routes with an average departure time and bus fare:

Cape Town To Mthatha 7:00pm — 7:00pm  $31
Queenstown To Cape Town 3:15pm — 3:15pm  $39
Cape Town To Queenstown 7:00pm — 7:00pm  $31
Butterworth To Cape Town 11:45am — 11:45am $39
Idutywa To Cape Town 10:45am — 10:45am $39

What Is Mavumisa Contact Details?

For Booking And other Inquiries about Mavumisa Trans, Please call the following Contact Number:

Phone Number: 082 779 9190

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  1. Kukho umntu ngomso osuka Dutywa uza Kapa emfuleni uyaqala ukwela uza kum

  2. Ndicela ukuqonda ibus ukusuka e40 ukuya ekapa sibabini nomntwana Ona 6 years ngomso

  3. I would like to ask where are the Mavumisa bus offices, I have a parcel from Dutywa

  4. Why Eldo bus cant go to Idutywa not all we can afford some of us have 5 kids.

  5. molweni ndcela ubuza ikona bus ephuma nge 13 ndiya eDutywa? ndcela ne Price sibay2

  6. Uncedo ulifumana njani xa umkelwe zizinto lahlekil mpahla yam ngenxayohamba sikhutshelwa kwezinye I bus


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