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Matours Bus Booking Contact Number, Timetable And Prices

Matours Bus Malawi
Matours Bus Malawi

Matours Bus Services Is a Malawi’s registered Passenger Transportation company which serve customers between the two major cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre.

They are in the Passenger Transportation Industry for a number of years and they have managed to build a good reputations among customers and travelers.

It is one among the most recognized Bus company in Malawi and it bring about a stiff challenges to other company in the Industry.

What Fleet Used By Matours Bus?

The company own and operates modern and luxurious buses in all of their routes within Malawi as well as in their Cross Boarder routes.

All of their buses are newly purchased from the well recognized Bus brands like Irizar and Marcopolo with a Scania chassis to power up their running energies.

Matours Bus fleet are clean and neat to give you a memorable and comfortable travel to your destinations within and out of Malawi boarders.

Their buses are built with a custom design to give you what yo desire all the way to your destinations. Below are some features which are available on their buses:

2 By 3 Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Television Services For Entertainment
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening
USB Charging System On Every Seat

What Services Does Matours Bus Offer?

They provide daily Passenger Transportation Services within Malawi boarders as well as Cross boarders bus services to South Africa and Zimbabwe.

They do have a well scheduled bus services both Locally and Internationally powered up with a well experienced professional staffs.

Matours Bus have a daily local routes in the major cities and towns like Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Also they do provide cross boarder services in a specified days.

You can make a booking of your Tickets at their bus offices located at each bus terminals and station on their routes.

You can also make a booking by calling their office or agents through contact numbers listed below this post.

Also the company provide Parcel Transportation services at a fair prices depending on the size and nature of your Parcels.

Which Routes Does Matours Bus Operates?

Below are the routes and timetable for Matour:

Lilongwe To Blantyre

Lilongwe To Mzuzu

Lilongwe To Johannesburg

Departures: Tuesday & Saturday 5.00 AM
Location: Thembalethu Square & KNYsha Town

Waht Is Matours Contact Details?

Matours Bus Company
Blantyre: +265 993 496 499 – Kwenela Office

Lilongwe: +265 993 496 492
Chilambula Road

Mzuzu – Chenda Hotel

RSA Contact Number: 073 502 8042, 066 352 3891, 061 975 8423


  1. Am in knysna please I want to go back to Malawi on September, I need your help

  2. Please advise price and how to obtain bus ticket to Lilongwe Malawi from Johannesburg

    • The bus departures South Africa every Wednesday and Saturday. Their average bus fare is R2500, For Booking, Please call them on the numbers listed above

  3. May you please provide me with the current bus fares from Johannesburg to Lilongwe and also your traveling schedule. With much thanks in advance.

    • Average price is R1700, But you may call them on contact numbers listed above to know the real time price


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