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Liban Express Bus Online Booking Contacts, Fare

Liban Bus
Liban Bus

Liban Express Bus Is a Kenyan company which Founded in 2011 and They provide daily services from Nairobi to Marsabit. With their quest to satisfy their esteemed customers’ needs.

They have taken another step to uncover and bring forth what befits them. They boast themselves in safety, comfort and technology.

At Liban Bus Services, your interests as passengers are placed at the peak. From courteous staff, comfy, safety and technologically loaded coaches that suits the needs of their passengers and their unending quest to fulfill their dreams.

Don’t hesitate to go into their offices and have an experience to travel with them. They are located at Eastleigh’s 9th street second avenue opposite Rafiki supermarket in Nairobi,Marsabit and Isiolo.

Liban Express Bus Fleet Line

From comfortable reclining seats, charging systems, internet provisions (free Wi-Fi), television, beautiful interior finishes with reading lights and magazine holders, everything has been taken care of.

It would not have been possible without Almighty and your continued support. They say thank you and they shall offer you only the best. Come on board and have an experience of travelling with a show max, a live road cinema.

For those who love sleeping on board, You have been considered too as their bus has ample space where you can straighten your legs, adjust your seats and have a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Those fond of internet, Liban Express is telling you not to get worried as they have taken care of that, WiFi is there for you.

No need to stress up over discharged phones and laptops. All you have to do is to carry your chargers and it has a provision for USB cable charger. Live cinema on board where you can enjoy your ride.

The Company Service Line

They Offer a daily Passenger Transport services from Nairobi City to Marsabit with a morning and night departure.

Liban Express also transit Parcel To and From Nairobi With a fair price charges depending on the size and nature of your Parcels.

Tickets only available at their office in Niarobi or Marsabit but contact them through their contacts number below this post and they can reserve one.

Safety has been their number one priority, comfort hasnt been left out either. Technology too has been inculcated and all you got to do is get into any of their offices, inquire book and get comfortably and safely to your destination.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Nairobi To Marsabit
Nairobi To Isolo

Liban Express Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

Address: A2, Marsabit, Kenya

Phone: +254 715 099446

Call: +254 724 906002

Email: [email protected]


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