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Lamavuso Bus Online Booking, Contact, Ticket Prices

lamavuso transport..
lamavuso transport..

Lamavuso Bus Is a Public transport company based in Mpumalanga, Eastern party of South Africa country. The company is based on Passengers transportation services as well as Parcels transfer services.

The company has been in the passenger transportation industry for a long time and it has managed to gain a good reputation among customers in Eastern parties of the country.

It is one among the well known Bus companies in Cape town and they have a well established offices as well as agents in most part of their service routes.

Lamavuso Bus Transport Fleet Line

The company owns and operates a modern and luxurious fleet which are directly imported from the Bus Fabricators and some of them being locally purchased from their own makers.

Their Fleet list include Marcopolo, Irizar and MCV buses powered by the Scania and MAN Chassis. Most of these buses are newly purchased from the fabricators.

Their Fleet undergo a regular maintenance in their workshop by the well professional workman to keep them fresh for the planned journey.

Lamavuso Bus Fleet are designed in a way that gives you what you desire upon traveling on a Long Distance trips. Below are some of the Amenities and on board services which are available on their buses:

2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legrooms
Arm Rest For A Comfortable Travel
Television Services For Entertainment
Modern Sound System For Music & Listening
USB Charging System On Every Seat For Smartphones Charging
On Board Air Conditioning Services
Free WiFi Services On Some Of Their Buses
Overhead Reading Lights & Speakers

Lamavuso Transport Service Line

Lamavuso Bus provide daily Public Passenger transportation services all the way from Cape Town to other places like Queenstown and Mthatha in South Africa.

They have a well scheduled bus services with a Morning and afternoon departures in all station of Cape Town, Mthatha and Queenstown respectively.

Booking of your Tickets can be done at their offices located in all stations as well as by contacting their Booking Agents around the bus terminal.

You can also make Lamavuso Bus booking by contacting their offices through Contact Details listed below on this post. For better experiences you can give them a Calls.

Apart from Passengers transportation, The company also provide Parcels transportation services at affordable prices to all destinations on their routes.

Parcels Charges depend on the nature and size of your Parcels and where they are delivered.

Lamavuso Transport Bus Routes

Cape Town To Queenstown
Cape Town To Mthatha

Lamavuso Bus Office Contacts For Enquiry

58a Piet Retief Street, Standerton, 2429,
South Africa
City of Mpumalanga,
Post Office box: 1453, Standerton, 2430

+27 17 714 2266, +27 83 635 8725

Share Call Fax:
+27 86 666 0755

+27 82 641 4651



  1. Am here in Mthatha I have been waiting for this bus from 12:30 and now it 14:30

  2. What about me who unfortunately missed the bus yesterday 29-12-21 due to personal reasons that I won’t state here tried calling their helpline prior the departure time but they did not pick up my call and when I finally got hold of them after 19:00 they told me I cannot be placed on the next leaving bus why? So my ticket hard earned money will just go to waste just like that? I don’t understand that’s not how other businesses operate yes they might not refund but they place you on the next available bus. I will never use this bus again shame they’re selfish and inconsiderate of their customers they don’t provide any alternatives. Now I must book another bus to go attend my moms funeral that’s tomorrow where am I supposed to get the money again huh?

  3. Just booked a ticket but It didn’t specify which station for departure.Which station does lamavuso depart in?

  4. How do you get assistance if you left your staff in the bus???

  5. I was late for my bus today, so can I use my ticket for the other day, like can I use it Tommorow?

  6. I just want to know Lamavuso ticket are not sold in Shoptrite?


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