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Kidinilo Express Bus Dar To Ifakara Booking Contacts

Kidinilo Express Bus
Kidinilo Express Bus

Kidinilo Express Is a Morogoro based bus company which provide daily intercity Passenger transfer services from Morogoro’s districts to Dar es salaam city.

They are in the transport Industry for more than 10 years and they have achieved to build a strong brand among travelers.

The company established as a Local transport provider within Morogoro region before they have expanded their services to inter regions business.

It is one among the top companies for Kilosa, Kilombero and Mahenge routes from the business city of Dar es salaam.

Kidinilo Express Bus Fleet Line

Kidinilo company has a variety of bus models in their fleet list, They are well known for their Scania buses with a locally built body as well as those Chinese brands like Zhongtong and Yutong models.

They have a well managed fleet list for all of their routes and their management make sure all buses are checked before a particular trip.

All of their buses are designed in a way that may leave you comfortable upon arrival in your destinations. Below are some features which are available on their buses:
2 By 2 Reclining Seats With Enough Legroom
Adjustable Arm Rest
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Good & Modern Sound System To Refresh Your Mind
Overhead Lights & Speakers

Kidinilo Express Service Line

The company is well known for providing daily passenger transfer services from different parties of Morogoro regions to the business city of Dar es salaam.

They have daily connection between Kilosa, Kilombero, Mahenge & Ifakara towns to Dar es salaam.

The company also provide Parcel transfer services between those destinations at an affordable prices. All Parcels are posted at their offices or in the terminal by getting in touch with their servants.

Booking of Tickets can be made at their offices located in all terminals or by contacting their Agents who can also help you to make a booking of your Tickets.

You can also make a booking of Kidinilo Express by calling them through those contact numbers listed below.

The Company Live Bus Routes

Ifakara To Dar es salaam Via Msamvu
Kilosa To Dar es salaam
Mahenge To Dar es salaam
Kilombero To Dar es salaam
Mang’ula To Dar es salaam

Kidinilo Express Office Contacts For Enquiry

Dar es salaam: 0716 48 67 91
Kilombero: 0673 99 92 25
Ifakara: 0677 04 77 98
Kilosa: 0653 766 060


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